Family and Loyalty

Lately, I have been reading and watching shows where people say that family blood is unbreakable, that no matter what your family is what has your back.

Reading about makes me smile as the brother cuts his way through an army to save his brother while the sister takes on the general to protect her family.

As much as I like the idea of a group of people that will always be there, reality often says differently. Although family can be the best support one can find, it can also be the source of a lot of trauma. By the same token, friends can either prove to be toxic or the most loyal.

So? Where does family loyalty truly stand?”

Perhaps it is the consideration of family itself. I know of several individuals who are adopted into a family. Although there is no blood line between their and their kin, there is loyalty and trust between them. For me, there are a handful of people who are not related to me but I would trust them with my heart.

I also know of families where they share a blood connection but are bitter enemies. Or when family members squabble over the contents of a will. What then? Why wouldn’t they protect them as best as they can? To be happy with the state of things?

Personally, I believe family is a matter of choice.

You choose to protect and help your family. You choose to protect and help your friends. Family is not defined by blood or marriage but rather by the people you trust and who trust you.


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