Glitter and Retail

I have begun working at a local retail store that deals in do it yourself art supplies, cue cheers and such!

But I have also discovered that there is a lot of Christmas decorations that has glitter. I mean a lot of glitter. Gold, silver, white, pink, and blue. You name it, I’m wearing it. And prior experience with glitter means that I’ll be wearing glitter for the next three months. Granted that was only a little bit of glitter. I’m not sure how long this amount of glitter will last.

Possible years. (O.O)

Even one of my new coworkers even commented on the fact that I had glitter.

Which brings me to the retail section of this post.

I am excited about working retail because it is something new. Although I haven’t worked in retail before, I am looking forward to this. I also want to get experience in customer service, something that I am lacking in. It is with this job that I hope to learn more about helping others.

Looking forward to the future!



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