So, first full week of working at my retail job is in full swing. Today we happened to get our restock shipment which translated into lots of boxes, lots of walking, and lots of shelving. My favorite part is being able to help others find what they are looking for.

I enjoyed it but I will admit, I was sadden that I am not going to have as much free time to do what I love best: dreaming up new video ideas and writing.

But yesterday something interesting happened: a young man came in looking for a miniature desk.

I asked him what the desk was for. He answered as part of a video he was working on for his own job. This started an idea in my head, what if I bought miniature model objects (benches, trees, and animals) to create a new level of stop motion videography. I have already made several using model tanks so this would be the next stage.

This inspiration, a spur of the moment conversation, made me think about inspiration again. The essence of it. Some get their inspiration from “muse” in the form of a person or music. For me, I’ll take my inspiration where I can.

Yet inspiration is nothing if work is not applied to it. I can have a lot of ideas but nothing will happen if I do nothing. And yes, I risk the chance of failing horribly and put my money in something that did not pay it back in some form. On the other hand, there is no gain without risk.

For me, to reduce the amount of risk is to study others who have done similar things, research the costs of materials, and draw up plans and analyze them.

I’ll also have to save money to create a platform to work on but this will be well worth it. To the drawing board! Or sketch pad in my case.


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