College Students: How Not To Starve

Greetings one, greetings all!

As I am writing this, I am eating some pasta I made at home instead of eating out at Taco Bell. While you may debate the virtues of Taco Bell, there is an important fact that every college student faces: how not to starve.

As a former college student that started back in ’08, I know that it is tempting to just eat at fast food every day or use up your on campus credit to avoid the food served with your meal plan but those outings will cost you money. I have spent over hundreds of dollars at all the fast food joints around the colleges that I attended and spent my fair share of time wandering through the cafeterias wondering what food item is tolerable for eating.

Towards the end of my college journey I picked up two items that helped me save money and give me something to eat other than cafeteria food: a cookbook and a crockpot.

Most of the meals that I have made come out to about five to seven dollars, which is about the same as a fast food combo meal. The difference between the two is that my crockpot meal will give me multiple meals where the fast food will be only one. In other words, you can save money for gas, unexpected expenses, or going to hang out with friends at the movie theatre.

If you stay in dorms, the crockpot helps a lot because it doesn’t require a full kitchen. A few tools and a power outlet is all you need. Plus, your roommate might be happy to buy your ingredients in exchange for a share of the bounty.

Added benefits of crockpot meals: healthier, can cook a great variety of food, learn a life skill, and accomplish something that you can literally taste.

The choice, as always, is yours to make. This is a suggestion that I have learn from my time in college and I really wish I had known earlier, cooking in a crockpot saves money.


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