To College Students

I am not sure why college students are on my mind as of late but I am. This post will be focused on what I wish I was told each year.

Freshman Year

You will change, no matter what happens to. This change will come from growing up, learning, and who you associate yourself with. Your friends will determine who you are.

Work first, play later. Each week, get your school work done in order to stay on top of homework. However, dedicate one night where you don’t do homework if you can. This is how to recharge yourself and not get burned out. Now if you have a test or a quiz tomorrow, please choose wisely.

Work out more and eat in more. Avoid going constantly to junk food heaven and spend some time exercising. Both will help reduce stresses on your body and keep yourself healthily. Mind you, healthy.

Sophomore Year

You did it. You made it through the first year. Now this is the year where you take what you learn and apply it. Try getting a job on campus for work experience and a little extra spending cash.

This year, start learning how to cook for yourself. This will save money and you can see my earlier post for some tips.

Also, learn to enjoy your college stay. It will not be long. Go and find what you love, not your friends or family. This may even result in learning what you truly want to do in life or find some new things.

Junior Year

This is it. The end stretch. You can make it. This year is when you start applying yourself to prepare for the real world. Get a part time job in your field of choice, maybe even getting an internship if you can.

Complete personal projects outside of class for your portfolio, whatever it may be, and get feedback on it. This will put you ahead of others.

Get experience providing customer service. Many of the jobs I am applying to want customer service. I recommend retail– a great way to learn humility, handle stress, and a better appreciation who work in retail full time as their career. Look for weaknesses in your skill set to strengthen.

Senior Year

This is your final year. Don’t let your stress overcome you. Although you need to focus on finishing strong, you also need to prepare for life after college. Start the application process early. You will be turned down a lot but your job will come. Keep trucking.


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