Who You Are

As I stand on the cusp of entering the world of adults with a full time job, my own place, my own car, my own bills, and my own loans to pay off, I think about the core lessons I have learn from my college career.

Stay true to yourself. Stay true to your family. Improve yourself.

Stay true to yourself

Through it all, I have had a ton of “friends”, friends, and friends. Some were good to have in my life, others were not, and some will be with me for the rest of the time I have on earth. Though circumstances have allowed me to grow, the people I have surrounded myself have shaped part of who I am.

Because of this, I have had to focus on who I really am. I still am learning more about myself.

Stay true to your family

Now many people come from bad families or don’t have any family members alive. But the truth is this, family doesn’t start and end with blood. A true family is someone who cares for you and will strengthen you to be a stronger person, not weaker.

Improve yourself

The good friends and family members are those who don’t want to change who you are but rather make you a better person. If your behaviors and loves are immoral or illegal, your true friends and families will fight to keep you true to who you are.



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