Losing It All

Hands shaking
Heart beating
Your back is tense
Your knees are shaking

You’re looking out
And see everything going wrong
You got one chance to get right
But that moment came and went

Life falling apart
Bills coming due
The jobs are not enough
What are you going to do?

Head pounding
Pain building
Stress is rising
No end in sight

You’re so tired
Can’t even scream
But you gotta keep going
Keep fighting

Taking hit after hit
Life ain’t done with you
Getting back up
Getting back in

Head up, chin up
Taking each day as they come
Life punching back
Keep holding on

This is it now
You got this
Every moment a battle
Every second longer a victory

You only got one life to live
This is your moment
To make history
To make change

Do not let life’s pains
Keep you from being alive
Each day you walk
Someone is seeing you succeed

You got this now
Life isn’t easy
But you can make it
There is an end, just gotta be there


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