Dwarves, Elves, and Perceptions

Greetings all, greetings one. Today is Friday and I for one am very glad for it! A day of rest and relaxation. At least that is the plan.

I was not going to post anything today because I could not think of anything to write about. Then a new thought hit me: I like fantasy dwarves more than I do elves.

This whole line of thought comes from a new book I bought because it was focused dwarven culture similar to the dwarf myth made by Tolkien.

I was excited because I enjoy learning more about Dwarves and how people paint them in their stories. But it hasn’t always been like this. Many years ago, I would have said Elves, specifically Tolkien’s Elf-kind, were my favorite fantasy race.

I wondered for a time why I had a change of heart about them. Then I realized what it was. Elves, for me, have always been what I was not. They are fast, agile, and strong. In addition to their physical abilities, they were also beautiful and wise. Dwarves were seen as stubborn and a pain to work with.

Now why would I want to be emulating a stubborn individual?

And why did I suddenly change my interest?

I found the answer to this question after a long time thinking. This summer has been a slow and somewhat painful act of learning to be comfortable in my own skin. Instead of searching for the strength and advantages that I do not have I need to find my own strengths.

For example, stubbornness, when refined, can become dedication and perseverance.

So as I read this 600 page novel, I look forward to finding my own strength as I read about the characters’ strength.


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