Tetris and Life

Greetings all! Greetings one!

I do not know about you but I recall many things teachers and parents have told me that I will use forever. Algebra, map reading skills, and so on and so forth. I’m sure you can recall some things that you were told while growing up.

Surprisingly though, Tetris has been a great life teacher.

For those of you who never played this awesome game, it is where you have a series of blocks dropping down. In order to win you have to keep eliminating the blocks by connecting a string of them across the screen. Catch is the boxes come in different patterns and keep getting faster with each passing moment.

Obviously, Tetris is a great tool for teaching individuals how to pack things in tight spaces on a deadline. Road trips, moving, grocery shopping, giving friends rides to the movie theatre. Tetris packing has shown up in my life countless ways but Tetris has also taught me some other life lessons and character building.

If you slack off, work piles up and you fall behind. Get too far behind and you’ll pay the price. And the details will always get you. However, just because you only have one row of free space, you can work hard and get yourself out of the mess. And life is not fair. It’ll just keep hitting you harder and faster but you got to keep up with it.

I recall a time that happened to me, both in the game and in college. In both situation I had to take a deep breath and just focus on getting through each task to the best of my ability. Highest score game and past the semester– woots!

Speaking of work, if you work hard and stay on top of things, it may not appear that you doing what you need to. But it will show to those who are watching and understand.

So here is Tetris in the world of Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty, teaching kids how to survive.


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