The Lamp

Here I have stood
Here I have given light
To the same corner
For half a century

Once I was painted green
Once I was bright and new
But now I am faded with age
But now I am dull and bent

In a thousand days
I have witnessed humanity
Through all their joys and woes
Through all their changes and milestones

I have seen a thousand hellos
I have seen a thousand goodbyes
Witnessed the aging of a child to elderly
Witnessed the change of technology

I have seen the reckless die in a car crash
And the courageous save another
To see new friendships be born
To see old ones crumble apart

Though I have no heart
I have witnessed first kisses
And awakening of innocent love
And all the ache that goes with it

For fifty years I have stood here
As witness to the march of man
And the growth of a child
Through gladness and sorrow


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