Oceans and Life

Life can be like the open ocean. Some days are clear skies with smooth waters and strong wind. You can choose your course and your pace. There is a beautiful journey full of light and wonder. Other times, the ocean becomes a cruel and terrible place. A storm comes or the wind becomes more. The waves crashes against you and forces you one direction then another.

Personally, I like the smooth sailing and dread the times when my life has become a turbulent ocean. And at the moment, I feel like I am caught in a moving whirlpool. I’m going a direction but not the one I want and I’m not going that direction very well.

But one thing I realize about storms is that there is beauty within it. The awe inspiring thousand feet waves. The brilliant colors that lighting are dressed in. The spine shivering bass of thunder. The power in the winds that toss the water.

By the same token, there is beauty in the troubles of life. I am not saying that the woes and aches found in life is beautiful. Or it should be called so but there are moments within those tragedies that can keep hope alive.

And that is what I am finding out right now.

I am not where I thought I would be three months after graduating. However, I have a good family, food, shelter, and clothes. I have good friends who I can call upon. The storm of this moment is a tough one but there is an island with a safe harbor in my future.


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