Click-clack click-clack

Metal wheels roll across metal rails

Click-clack click-clack

The train rolls through the city

It rattles and rolls

The people sway as the train speeds

Around bends and down hills

Some stare out of dirty Windows

Their minds on work or far away

Others play on their phone

Or listen to the latest song or news

Still others lean and sleep

Click-clack click-clack

The wheels grind away

Click-clack click-clack

Horns sing and gears screech

The train passes another just like it

Filled with people of different sorts

Some are dressed to impress
Others are dressed for heavy labor

Children laugh as they go to school

Business men and women prepare

For meetings and reports

Click-clack click-clack

The train goes on

Click-clack click-clack

Humanity going about its day

The father going to his second job

The daughter on her first day

The mother returning home

The teens skipping school

The college student on her interview

Click-clack click-clack

The train carries them all


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