Friday Thoughts: Memorial Day

Memorial Day has finally arrived! With it the thoughts of discounts abound. With Christmas coming up, this is the time for those big, expensive gifts. Even I will be taking advantage of the sales.

But that is not Memorial Day.

As someone once pointed out to me, this day is not a day of celebration but of remembrance.

Men and women have spent their lives serving and protecting us.

Whether they gave their life in a single moment or spent decades, they have made sacrifices. They have marched through miles of sand while their son or daughter celebrated their third birthday without them. They have faced ambushes, snipers, and roadside bombs in distant lands. Not knowing if they will see the next sunrise.

On the home front, who have husbands and wives who hear the news and their painful words. Hear the reports of conflicts where their spouse is deployed. Dreading to see a man in uniform knocking on their door.

Think of the daughter who will never have her daddy walk her down the aisle. Or the son who will never be able to introduce their own child to “grandpa”.

Think of the father who waited months to see his new born girl. Or the mother hoping to get leave so she can see her son walk at graduation.

So this weekend, get your shopping down ahead of time. Take advantage of the deals.

But on Memorial Day, stop and remember those who stand as a living wall, a living shield, to defend us.


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