Friday Thoughts: Dreams and Longing

black and white photos of old, rusty rails disappearing into a forest.
It has been so long since I took photos for myself! So glad to start doing that again and improving it!

Good morning! Today is yet the start of the Weekend. Depending on where you work, I either offer my good wishes or good luck.

Today I want to talk about having a dream. Or a goal if you will.

If life is like a train on rails then stations are either life events or reaching goals.

In my short life span I have come to the conclusion that there are three kinds of dreams. The first is the most obvious. The Life Goal. A dream that will take your entire life to reach or will be a part of your life for as long as you life. Often times these are community-based or something that is personal but will impact society. In some cases these dreams are part of your very existence. Part of your soul.

The second kind, to me, are Milestone Goals. Something that we all have to one degree or another. Buy a house. Get a job. Get that degree or promotion.

The last kind is the Bucket List. These are just little “I want to do” but if it doesn’t happen, no biggie. For some it is sky diving. For others it may be swimming with dolphins. Who knows. These little dreams come and go. Some keep a list. Or you are me and just forget about it.

I am sure you know that one person who not only has a goal for their life but are well on their achieving it. Or already reached that goal. Or they know what they want to chase after or have a dream. Many times those dreams are lofty and a great boon for the community. Such as becoming a teacher or working with a non-profit organization.

But maybe you are more like me.

I don’t have a clue where I want to end up in ten years. Or that dream you’ve had since being a kid seems out of reach now.

For me, it was hard. When people ask what my goal or my dream was I would say “I don’t really have one”. Or if I was ashamed of this little fact I would say something typical and falls under the ‘Milestone Goal’. Get a job. Pay off loans. Stuff that are a goal but not my goal. Not my dream.

This morning I listen to one of my favorite CDs of Celtic/Irish/Scottish music. And I my heart was a thousand miles away on the shores of a distant isle that I have never seen with my own eyes. Or have walked its earth. But my heart still wanted to go there.

I realized in that moment as the song came to its close that I had this little desire for as long as I remember. Go to Ireland.

It may not seem like a big goal or one that is selfish but it is a dream that has stuck with me for many years. Sometimes it is louder. Other times it is a lot quieter. Some days it seems possible to do it. Other times it might as well be Pluto.

This morning I decided that I will chase after that dream.

And if I am going to chase this dream then I need to figure out the steps to take it. So far I have the following:

  • Research how to travel the world
  • Save money
  • Get passport
  • Find a place to stay in Ireland
  • Find a way to get to Ireland
  • Find a way to get back from Ireland

It may not seem much as a start but it is a start.

And maybe that is what you need. Just start working towards that goal.

Maybe you haven’t even walked up to the staring line. In that case, I say just go and do it.


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