The Shape of You

Large or small
Tall or short
Wide or narrow
Or a mix of all
That is who we are
Big hips, small chest
Bald on top or going Tarzan
Skinny as a rail or a walking Hutt
This is what describes us
A thigh gap
Bulging muscles
Darker, paler
This is what we want
Bulging belly
Starving look
Too small, too big
This is what we hate
The movies tell us one thing
But reality says another
Twisting and chaining
How we see ourselves

Apple shape
Pear shape
A breadstick
A loaf
This is what I see
Black as night
Pale as snow
Or just plain
Six feet
Four feet
Or somewhere between
Smooth skin
Wrinkle skin
Sickly skin
This is what I see
Sagging flab
Bulging bellies
And skinny as a rail
This what I see
Humans of every shape
Of every color and every age

We are human
Unique in our own way
Undefined by a body shape
We are human
Each with strength and weakness
Each with hope and fear
We are human
More than a body shape


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