Runer’s Tale: Preparation

Another day, another run. This week’s thought/life lesson is preparation.

There was a day where I decided about four hours before running 3 miles I thought it would be a good idea to go eat at Taco Bell. And I mean a number six meal with a big old drink. It was more than I should have eaten or spent but boy did it taste good.

Until I went for the run.

Even hours after eating it, I was struggling to move. It felt like I was holding another twenty pounds around my gut. I was moving slowly and sluggish. Whether because it was bad fuel for my body or the fact that it was a big meal (for me), I was not doing well.

When I got done with the run, I decided not to eat so heavy before I go run with my life group.

Then God asked me this: “Why not do that for every run?”

Then it hit me.

Choosing to run for a race requires preparation and dedication. Running every day and running harder each time. Eating right. Sleeping right. Investing my time in what is important.

The same could be said for biggest race that anyone can run in: your life.

No one can run it for you. Some get a better starting position than others. And others squander what advantage they were born with. But no matter, you still have to run.

Dedication. Practicing every day. Pushing yourself harder and go further than ever before. That’s how you run the race.

Winning the race, well that is just living life the best way you can. Not for mankind or some other glorious cause. But living a life that you can live with. Granted if you go off the rails and live a less than moral life you may have others questioning your life choices.

But living for something you believe in is a lot better than living a life someone else told you to live.


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