The Pale Morning

weak morning sunlight

The pale morning rises
Weak and dull
The air is heavy
The air is still
The weight of the night
Continues into the day
Not as overwhelming darkness
But the weight of a shadow
It drags and tears
Though the sun is bright
The heart is dark

The Pale Morning rises
Though the world is dark
And the heart aches
A new dawn comes
Not always bright
Not always easy
Yet the dawn will come
With new hope
With new chances

Broken Dreams

shattered pieces of glass next to a building

Shattered hopes
Shattered dreams
What once was a future
Now lies broken on the sidewalk
Swept aside by time
Yet each piece
Cuts as deep as the first day
The ache and the pain
Of seeing others fulfill their dreams

Shattered hopes
Shattered dreams
Once was one future
Lies broken on the sidewalk
Once was one dream
Now becomes another
The whole that was broken
Now becomes something else

What was once broken parts
Now become elements of something new
Each piece changes and become something else
A new design from the broken parts

Shattered Hopes
Shattered Dreams
They can lay in the dust
Broken reminders
Or they can become something new
Something better something else
An end of one dream
Does not end all dreams

Here It Comes

dark blue storm clouds
Forgive the poor quality.

Clouds, blue-black
Thick and layered
They close overhead
Like an army marshaling
Minutes tick away
And the heavens change
No sun to see
No Moon to follow
Or stars to gaze upon
Air heavy and thick
A wild whirlwind
Rushing and shoving
A distant bolt falling
An all too near thunder rumbling
Minutes pass and the sky darkens
And the peaceful day is gone
Now only the wild tempest to see
The trees bend
And dust flies
Now comes the full strength
Rain falling slapping
And vision dimmed
The wind hammers against skin
And thunder shake bones
The world twists and turns
So much greater
A terrible force to endure
A beautiful wonder to behold

The Sky and Me

cornfield with clouds overhead
What I see when I look out my window now.

Take your cities
Take your stores and theaters
Take your histories and markets
I’ll take the open sky
Where I can see
The sun rise and moon set

Take your cities
Take your events and ease of living
Take your things to do
I’ll take the open sky
Where the stars are

Here the woods are still wild
Where the hawk flies and wolves hunt
Where the sky is a canvas
And the stars are bright

Take your cities
Take your wonder and opportunities
I’ll take the sky
Where I can stand and breathe
Where I can hear my thoughts

Take your cities
Take your crowded streets
Take the stench of cars and trash
Where the city is always abuzz
Leave me where the air is free
And the hawk cries

Just leave me be
Where the sky stretches
And the world seems large
And I feel the wonder again
Just leave me and the open sky

The Morning Breaks

blue sky and sliver of a yellow sunrise

The morning breaks
Silent and still
No bird to hear
No traffic sound
Bare feet
Upon wet grass
Cold to toes
Yet sweet on lips
A strange smell
Upon the morning air
To make the mind wonder

The morning breaks
Full of wonder
The only sound
Is the heart that pounds
As the sun awakes
The morning coldness
Chased away
By the warmth
Of the coming day

The Morning breaks
Slowly at first
Till bird sings
And wind stirs
Then the magic breaks
And the day hurries in
The darkness flees
And the light rushes in
Till the signs of dawn
Are swept all away
My heart will cherish
The silence of the day

The Glory of the West

landscape, gold clouds, blue sky

From age to age
From day to day
There have been some
Who stood and watched
The same setting sun
From ages past
From around the world
There have been a few
Who stood upon the hill and stone
And looked out across field and tree
With a silent vigil
Have they seen the same sight
A million eyes have seen the same fire
A thousand tongues have spoken of it
Yet each is alone in their thoughts
Yet each has watched that same sun
A thousand generations back
And a thousand more to come
All have seen and all have watched
That same setting sun