Broken Dreams

shattered pieces of glass next to a building

Shattered hopes
Shattered dreams
What once was a future
Now lies broken on the sidewalk
Swept aside by time
Yet each piece
Cuts as deep as the first day
The ache and the pain
Of seeing others fulfill their dreams

Shattered hopes
Shattered dreams
Once was one future
Lies broken on the sidewalk
Once was one dream
Now becomes another
The whole that was broken
Now becomes something else

What was once broken parts
Now become elements of something new
Each piece changes and become something else
A new design from the broken parts

Shattered Hopes
Shattered Dreams
They can lay in the dust
Broken reminders
Or they can become something new
Something better something else
An end of one dream
Does not end all dreams


Finding Life

A pen to write
A pencil to draw
A brush to paint

Each a story to tell
Each an escape to make

A camera to use
A stage to walk
A prank to play

Each a mask we wear
Each a shield we hide behind

A way to speak again
A skill to find ourself in
A way to see the world
A way to live again

We all run from life at times
We all leave for a while
But we must come back

What we once used to disappear
Is how we live yet again