Gray Mist

Black and gray clouds
Spread across the sky
As solid as any wall
As dominate as any mountain

Mist hangs in in the air
Forming a shadowy fog
It swirls and wraps
Its ethereal tendrils
Around car and building

Through the fog, you can hear
Beyond the sound of cars
Gentle laughter from afar
Music filling the silence
Though you cannot see
Those who sing and laugh

Perhaps, you say
That is some folk
Out for a stroll
Or you are simply
Imagining the sounds

Yet there is more here
For this mist forms a door
To a world far beyond our own
Yet take care to walk there
For there is no journey back


What We See

A few days ago I had the chance to take several photos of the gray clouds. To be honest I was expecting dull gray clouds without much personality.

dull gray clouds

But then I saw the photos and the unique formation within the clouds. I was sad that I wasn’t able to get some decent photos because of the lightning I was in.

But then some of them turned out interesting to me:

white and gray clouds

light and dark clouds

damp sidewalk


It interests me to think the plain clouds could hold some interesting formations. I wonder if seeing intricate details and hidden wonders is the same as we look at others.

Some appear plain or simple but then you get to know them and hidden wonders appear.