The Flow of Time

Day after Day
We count them
One after another
Never giving thought
To how many we have left

Always looking forward
To the next day
Be it for work
Or for play

Never pausing to count
The day we are living
Right now
Right here

For each day that comes
Is unique and precious
Full of hurts and joys
Some joyous some not


A Lazy Day

A lazy day today
No work to do
No task undone
Just the sun
And boating for fun
Maybe a photo or two
I ready to go
Yet the cry of child
Ruins it all
No game to watch
Or fish to catch
Just a child with homework
A mother stressed
And a white cat that’s now blue

The day passes by
The questions make no sense
Wife struggling
The cat can’t be found
And now the bath tub is cracked
Blue paw prints trail the house
And the ceiling is leaking
Now we find the homework is missing

Day is slipping by
The plumbings fixed
The homework is found
But the cat is still missing
And now the kid is blue
The wife is crying
And smoke alarm is wailing

Night is falling
The cat’s been found
But the kid is gone
The alarms are going
And dinner is burning
Anger is building
But then I remember the verse
To set the example

A deep breath
A quick prayer
And back at it
The paint can is found
And the cat is showered
With only twenty-three scratches
The smoke is gone
So is dinner

Eight o’clock
And the house is quiet
The child reads
And the cat preens
Dinner round two is done
And the leaking stopped
I didn’t catch any fish
But I did solve homework
And had a blue cat

I look to my wife
And give her a big grin
Is this what your week is?
She laughs and shakes her head
No, sometimes it is crazy

Another Day

Another day
Another sunrise
Another time to work
Another time to get it done

Another day
Another sunrise
Another and another
One after another

It never seems to stop
It never seems to wane
Just one after another
Another after another

Another day
Another sunrise
Time to work
Time to strive

Another day
Another sunrise
A chance to make a change
A chance to live life

Another day
Another sunrise
Another step to take
To reach that goal in mind

That goal is a little closer
That goal is just in reach
One day after another
That goal is just a little closer

Another day
Another sunrise
Time to earn that pay
To make that living

The Pale Morning

weak morning sunlight

The pale morning rises
Weak and dull
The air is heavy
The air is still
The weight of the night
Continues into the day
Not as overwhelming darkness
But the weight of a shadow
It drags and tears
Though the sun is bright
The heart is dark

The Pale Morning rises
Though the world is dark
And the heart aches
A new dawn comes
Not always bright
Not always easy
Yet the dawn will come
With new hope
With new chances

Memorial Day

Today we remember
Today we honor those who have fallen
Upon distant shores
In the skies above
Upon far lands

They choose to go
To defend our shores
Upon distant lands
There they were fell
By mine, bullet, and cannon

Today we remember
Those who lost their lives
Today we honor them
Who fell to protect us
Today we remember
Today is Memorial Day

Friday Thoughts: Memorial Day

Memorial Day has finally arrived! With it the thoughts of discounts abound. With Christmas coming up, this is the time for those big, expensive gifts. Even I will be taking advantage of the sales.

But that is not Memorial Day.

As someone once pointed out to me, this day is not a day of celebration but of remembrance.

Men and women have spent their lives serving and protecting us.

Whether they gave their life in a single moment or spent decades, they have made sacrifices. They have marched through miles of sand while their son or daughter celebrated their third birthday without them. They have faced ambushes, snipers, and roadside bombs in distant lands. Not knowing if they will see the next sunrise.

On the home front, who have husbands and wives who hear the news and their painful words. Hear the reports of conflicts where their spouse is deployed. Dreading to see a man in uniform knocking on their door.

Think of the daughter who will never have her daddy walk her down the aisle. Or the son who will never be able to introduce their own child to “grandpa”.

Think of the father who waited months to see his new born girl. Or the mother hoping to get leave so she can see her son walk at graduation.

So this weekend, get your shopping down ahead of time. Take advantage of the deals.

But on Memorial Day, stop and remember those who stand as a living wall, a living shield, to defend us.