Sleeping Hours

Day has ended
Night has fallen
The thunder of the day
Gives way to the subtle of the night
Beasts, great and small
Make their way through the night
Though man slumbers unaware

Yet here I lay
Wide awake
Unable to sleep
My mind rushes and rushes
Where the people sleep
I lie awake
Where the people rest
My soul stirs uneasily

Night has fallen
And my soul wanders
Across the landscape of my mind
There I see myself
My worries appear as mountains
My fears as canyons
My hopes as distant fields

Though all around me
The shadows of my fears
Rise and close in
Yet far above me
The stars of my hope
Shine far above me
A hidden hope of mine


The Center

The Center


Through the walls,

To the center,

The unconscious path we take


Around corners, down halls,

Seeking out the secret

Of the one we speak with

Finding the paths block

Seeing the way shut


We wander back and forth

Learning and realizing

The many layers

Arrayed for all who see


Talking, seeing, hearing

The openings in the walls

Pain, hurt, memories

The false paths we take

The walls raised in fear


Around, around we go

Ever closer, yet so far

Till every path is tread

Till every turn taken


Then we stand in the center

All the history known.

All the actions recorded.

Yet still the mystery stays


Within the soul’s maze

Lies another maze

The deepest fears revealed,

The brightest hope lit

All within the mind’s maze


Only few may find

The center of the soul

Who are the ones to find it?

Only the soul will tell


February 13, 2011