Three Knights

Three Knights stood before the King
Three Knights stood wearing armor
The First shone with silver polish
The Second was dull with rust
The Third battered and dented

The First was proud
And looked down on his fellow
Sharp was his blade
No stain upon helm or shield

The second was bored and cared not
Dull was his blade
Parts of his armor was hung by threads

The last was tired
Armor patched and repaired
Sword scored and scratched but still sharp

The King stood and asked
“How many battles have you fought?”
“How many have you defended?”

The First spoke, clear and smoothly:
“Many battles have I waged and won them all.
I defended any and all.
None doubt my sincerity.

Then the Second Spoke
“I have battled more than He.
Many years have I traveled.
I have fought for king and lord.

The last spoke slowly
I have not battled many
Nor have I won the fight
I have not always defended
Nor have I fought as hard as I could

Then the King said
“Take ten steps forward.”

The First moved
His armor creaked
And he walked awkwardly
Unused to the weight

The Second moved as well
But his armor screeched and groaned
As metal ground against metal
He moved stiffly as his armor protest

The Third move slowly
His armor made no noise
His steps were sure and smooth

The King sat and looked upon each

To the First He said
“A hundred thousand battles you waged
Yet you fought over things that mattered little
You fought battles that you never had to fight
You cared for how you looked and were received
Rather than what good you did
Caring only to be seen that you care
Rather than doing the work that was needed
Depart from me, for I do not know you”

To the Second He said
“Thrice as many battles have you waged
For every fight, you saw you took.
For you cares about the fight and not for the reason
You battled and fought
But never took the time to learn and grow
To care for those whom you fought
Caring only to be right.”

To the Third He said
“Long have you fought and struggled.
Often had you forgotten Me,
Seeking to win on your own strength.
Yet you have remembered Me.
Yet you have learned from your past,
Seeking to be better for me rather than yourself.
Well done, my faithful servant.

Three Knights stand in a row
One shined with light
One stood with rust covered
One scored with age


A Reminder

Cover eyes and ears
Guard against unsightly things
Shield the heart and soul
Against the cruelty in this world

Cover eyes and ears
To shut out the darkness
To shut out the things
That is unfolding

Not to ignore
Or condone
But to stay alive
And to keep the hope

Through the screens
Big and small
It is easy to become lost
In all the hurt and hate

Through the tongues
Of those who hate
It is easy to think
All is lost and doomed

Cover eyes and ears
But listen to what is whispered
Beyond the noise of the world
And the screams of angry people

Cover eyes and ears
In order to hear
What the Lord has said
What the Lord is saying

Be still.
And know that I am Lord.

I made the heavens
I formed the land
I drew the seas

I see the hurt and the pain
Both in the world at large
And within your heart

I see the anger
I see the regret
I see the tears

Know that I feel it all
And I am by your side
Though you may not see Me

I Wish

I wish
I wish I could be better
I wish I could be a singer
A writer, a football player

I wish
I wish I had good looks
I wish I had more strength
Faster, smarter, taller

I wish
I wish all these things
Each time I look in a mirror
Each time I wake

I wish
I wish I could see the talent
I wish I could see who I am
I wish I could see me

I wish
I wish I could see how God sees me
I wish I could see how I will grow
I wish I could see how my life will go

I wish
I wish I could see all these things
But I cannot for I am mortal
But this hope I have in God

God in the Storm

dark storm clouds over campus

Thunder crackles
Lighting flashes

Wind howls
Rain falls

I stood beneath the roar
I stood in the falling water

Letting the wind batter my body
Letting the rain soak my clothes

With every crackle
And every drop

My soul becomes lighter
And my mind clearer

To see the rage of the lightning strike
To feel the gentle touch of the rain

To see the wrath of the storm
To feel the peace within

In it all I see the Lord
In the heart of the storm

In it all I understand the God of heavens
In the heart of the tempest

Breathing and Drops of Water

water drop striking the water
I edited this photo to sharpen the water drop and I like how it turned out.

I am not sure about others but for me, photography is like breathing to me. When I have that camera and I am hunting for good shots, everything around me fades away. My problems. My worries. My regrets.

It all fades away.

And all that is left in the world is my camera and God.

I can breath again. It is the strangest sensation to have. To be able to stand and take a deep, clean breath. Like a drop of water striking the surface.

Maybe I am running away from my problems but spontaneous photography makes me feel relaxed.

But sometimes taking a deep breath is like having a water drop striking the surface. A single drop to clear the mind and restore sanity.