I Wish

I wish
I wish I could be better
I wish I could be a singer
A writer, a football player

I wish
I wish I had good looks
I wish I had more strength
Faster, smarter, taller

I wish
I wish all these things
Each time I look in a mirror
Each time I wake

I wish
I wish I could see the talent
I wish I could see who I am
I wish I could see me

I wish
I wish I could see how God sees me
I wish I could see how I will grow
I wish I could see how my life will go

I wish
I wish I could see all these things
But I cannot for I am mortal
But this hope I have in God


Lost Without God

Rain falls from gray skies
And my thoughts wander along

With each drop of rain
My mind goes further away

I wonder if I am on the right path
Or I have somehow gone astray

Then a thought occurs
Deep within my soul

Do not lose hope
Do not let go

Your path I have chosen
Your life I have saved

God in the Storm

dark storm clouds over campus

Thunder crackles
Lighting flashes

Wind howls
Rain falls

I stood beneath the roar
I stood in the falling water

Letting the wind batter my body
Letting the rain soak my clothes

With every crackle
And every drop

My soul becomes lighter
And my mind clearer

To see the rage of the lightning strike
To feel the gentle touch of the rain

To see the wrath of the storm
To feel the peace within

In it all I see the Lord
In the heart of the storm

In it all I understand the God of heavens
In the heart of the tempest

Breathing and Drops of Water

water drop striking the water
I edited this photo to sharpen the water drop and I like how it turned out.

I am not sure about others but for me, photography is like breathing to me. When I have that camera and I am hunting for good shots, everything around me fades away. My problems. My worries. My regrets.

It all fades away.

And all that is left in the world is my camera and God.

I can breath again. It is the strangest sensation to have. To be able to stand and take a deep, clean breath. Like a drop of water striking the surface.

Maybe I am running away from my problems but spontaneous photography makes me feel relaxed.

But sometimes taking a deep breath is like having a water drop striking the surface. A single drop to clear the mind and restore sanity.