The Pale Morning

weak morning sunlight

The pale morning rises
Weak and dull
The air is heavy
The air is still
The weight of the night
Continues into the day
Not as overwhelming darkness
But the weight of a shadow
It drags and tears
Though the sun is bright
The heart is dark

The Pale Morning rises
Though the world is dark
And the heart aches
A new dawn comes
Not always bright
Not always easy
Yet the dawn will come
With new hope
With new chances

The Light In The Dark

Day in
Day out
Reports come
Of evil deeds being done
Child used as sex toys
Adults beaten to death
Teens committing suicide

Day in
Day out
Reports are told
Of nations preparing for war
Of genocides being committed
Of wars being waged

Yet in all of that
There is light
Of a man who stopped a jumper
Of women saving children
Of people intervening

The world is a dark place
And the news is not good
But there is hope and there is light
And if you cannot find the light
Then act for the light

Sleeping Hours

Day has ended
Night has fallen
The thunder of the day
Gives way to the subtle of the night
Beasts, great and small
Make their way through the night
Though man slumbers unaware

Yet here I lay
Wide awake
Unable to sleep
My mind rushes and rushes
Where the people sleep
I lie awake
Where the people rest
My soul stirs uneasily

Night has fallen
And my soul wanders
Across the landscape of my mind
There I see myself
My worries appear as mountains
My fears as canyons
My hopes as distant fields

Though all around me
The shadows of my fears
Rise and close in
Yet far above me
The stars of my hope
Shine far above me
A hidden hope of mine

Year’s End


These four digits can invoke some pretty strong response, depending on who you are. For some, it is passing of many well known and loved actors and actresses. For others, they see it as the beginning of the end of the United States.

For me, these four digits bring to mind the attacks by terrorists and the dirt tossing by politicians. Of political correctness gone out of control. To see the country I swore allegiance to twist and writhe because her leaders have forgotten their purpose.

Regardless of personal belief, 2016 has been a pretty rough year for a lot of people.

But what about 2017? Do we go into it with fear or hope? I look back on this year, past the dark stories and the worries of the future. I see the good things that have happened. Family, friends, and growth. And in my case, the birth of a niece.

Because of the good things, I will enter 2017 with hope.

Yes, my life isn’t where I thought it would be when I left college. No, I haven’t made it big yet. But I have clothes on my back and food in my belly.

In the past few days, I have realized that my hope and trust have been in my own hands. And let me tell you, my hands are not able to handle it. So my trust will be put into God.

And yes, many of you might be think that is foolish or naive. But not me. I have seen His hands at work in my life. From protecting me from bad decisions and car accidents to bringing me healing when I needed it.

So goodbye 2016, I shall leave the past to lie in the past. To the future and the wonders of 2017!


The Human Mind

The human mind.
What a strange thing.
A massive void of infinity
In something smaller
Than a watermelon.

Though not measured by science
Or seen by the eyes
Its presence is felt
Its existence
Never in doubt

Capable of making
The greatest dreams,
Gathering knowledge,
And store within
A vast expanse.

Yet the mind is not a wonder
But rather something else
A place where fears hide
Where hate and pain festers
There it grows and spreads

Though at the same time
The mind is strong
Defending itself
Fighting to be strong
Recovering from hurts

Though a writer may create a thousand world
Forming hope and wonder for countless others
Fear though builds an ironclad prison.
Trapping the soul
Breaking the heart

Such a strange thing
The mind is
A place where light and dark exists
Where pain and hope lives
Where creativity dwells

This is the human mind