Friday Thoughts: Enjoying Life with Little Things

a mini truck on the road
Don’t do what I did and take a photo while driving. Please.

Life can get you down pretty hard, pretty quick. Or at least it does for me. But life takes courage and strength to live. But the down side to being strong all the time is that can become dull and hard But the fact is life is made enjoyable by a handful of things:

  • Friends and Family
  • Little Things
  • Positive

Seems simple enough but it can be hard.

Friends and Family

Not everyone has a good circle of friends or a great family base. But not every family has to be blood. Not everyone you meet needs to be a friend. You just need a few who will go to hell and back for you. Because the family, the good kind, will support you. To help you through the rough times and yank you back in line when you drift.

Choose carefully. Choose wisely.

Let them earn that amount of trust. Be the person you want someone to be for you.

Little Things

Life is full of ups and downs. Moving fast and taking it slow. And for every mountain summit you reach, there is a deep canyon of darkness. Triumphs and joys countered by failures and pain. What makes things easier through the roller coaster of life is finding humor in the small things.

Like the photo in this post.

A trucker stuck that toy on the back of his rig and hauled it down the highway. It may seem silly. It may seem childish but it brought a smile to my face. For a moment, I forgot about the bills that I need to pay. The equipment that I need to get for work (which could run up to a 1000 dollars or more). I just smiled and laughed. Then promptly did a reckless thing and took a photo.

Don’t do that.


A lot of people would say “attitude” or “positive energy”. To a degree, attitude does help facing challenges. It keeps you getting lost in the works or emotions of the challenges.

Positive energy, personally, is full of it and you just need to take it one day at a time. Or one minute at a time. Whatever you need to take.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. Basically, any challenge can be conquered by taking it one step at the time. Yes, feel emotions and accept them. But don’t let emotions run you.

Take Away

Life is full of ups and downs. I don’t know everything or have the best method on how to get there. Nor do I have it all together. To quote my closest friend: I’m a hot mess.


Life in Repeat

Sun up, sun down
The same thing every day
Every hour already done
Every moment is just like before

Maybe different words said
Maybe different tasks done
But in the end
The day unfolds as before

What is life all about
Work and work and work
Never really have a moment
To really enjoy life

Yet the joys of life can be found
In the small moments
In the small things
That happen each day

The sunrise on the drive
The kind act by a stranger
The treat of a favorite snack
Or a song that you love

Joy and Sorrow of a Child

A child’s laughter
Is unlike any other.
Loud and harsh,
Sweet and hush

A child’s laughter
Can bring a smile,
Or gray hairs.
But always recalled
In the telling of tales.

A child’s laughter
Is their sign
Of enjoying life
For life’s sake.

But a child’s silent cry
Is something far worse.
Slumped shoulders
And bowed head,
No sound issues
But tears fall slowly.

It is not the cry of want
Or the cry of attention
But of a hurt so deep
That their soul is in pain

Flight of the Red Dragon

Scales hard as steel and red like fire
Claws black as night and horns white like snow
Wings of red and eyes of gold
The creature lifts his head
With jaws open wide
He screams out loud
His voice is like thunder
The beast stretches out his wings
And takes to the air
With fire on his tongue
Far above the ground he soars
Letting his voice be heard
Not for food
Or foe he flies
But for the joy of life
But for the joy of flight

The Storm

The Storm

storm clouds
The last photo I was able to get before it got too dark.

The Storm
The Storm
It boils and churns
Lightning burns across the sky
Rain pelts the ground
Wind howls through the trees

I stand beneath
In awe and filled with joy
The sound of heaven
Fills me with happiness
Feeling so small
Yet so full of life

storm at dusk
Taken on my phone just before the storm kicked off.