Runer’s Tale: Preparation

Another day, another run. This week’s thought/life lesson is preparation.

There was a day where I decided about four hours before running 3 miles I thought it would be a good idea to go eat at Taco Bell. And I mean a number six meal with a big old drink. It was more than I should have eaten or spent but boy did it taste good.

Until I went for the run.

Even hours after eating it, I was struggling to move. It felt like I was holding another twenty pounds around my gut. I was moving slowly and sluggish. Whether because it was bad fuel for my body or the fact that it was a big meal (for me), I was not doing well.

When I got done with the run, I decided not to eat so heavy before I go run with my life group.

Then God asked me this: “Why not do that for every run?”

Then it hit me.

Choosing to run for a race requires preparation and dedication. Running every day and running harder each time. Eating right. Sleeping right. Investing my time in what is important.

The same could be said for biggest race that anyone can run in: your life.

No one can run it for you. Some get a better starting position than others. And others squander what advantage they were born with. But no matter, you still have to run.

Dedication. Practicing every day. Pushing yourself harder and go further than ever before. That’s how you run the race.

Winning the race, well that is just living life the best way you can. Not for mankind or some other glorious cause. But living a life that you can live with. Granted if you go off the rails and live a less than moral life you may have others questioning your life choices.

But living for something you believe in is a lot better than living a life someone else told you to live.


Runner’s Tale: Life Lessons

Good morning!

I know I have not been the most consistent blogger in the world but life is happening– mainly work. To help keep my sanity, and my weight in check, I have resumed running. To help keep me motivated to run, I have joined a small running group and signed up for a 5K.

Last Sunday was the second time we met and I realized that there is a lot of life lessons within running. I decided that I am going to share my thoughts on the matter.

Today’s life lessons came in the form of growing, commitment, and friendship.


Lately, in church and in life, there has been a subtle thread of “reaching your next” or moving onto the next thing.

Growing is great and everyone applauds it and wants it. But the thing about growing means stepping beyond what you are comfortable with. You like to create art? Great. Start selling them. Love photography? Enter a competition. Want to sprint a mile? Run. And Run. And run. And run. And run. Growth and maturity aren’t without its ache and pains. Stumbling blocks and “why did I do that?”. But you can’t grow if you don’t stretch.

However, one thing I really don’t like is changing. I like knowing what is coming next. What to expect the next day. Keeps things simple. I like simple.

There is only one problem: no change, no growth.

But if I want to grow, that means I need to step forward.

For me, that means putting my writing out where people can see it. It means expanding my knowledge by getting tutorials. And be corrected when I am wrong. Which is never a pleasant thing to experience.

But this only works if I do one thing: commit.


Wanting to grow. Wanting to become better. I can want all those things but none of them will come into existence if I don’t commit to become better. If I want to be a better photographer. If I want to create a cartoon or do anything else, I need to do it.

The best dancer committed to dancing every day. The best artist worked every day at their craft.

No matter what craft or art or field someone works in, the only way they mastered it was to work on it every day. They committed to practice and practice every day.

And it is not just craftsmanship or skills. It is also relationships. You like her? You like him? You have to commit to developing that relationship. Or if you want a better relationship with coworkers or family members, you have to commit to working through it. Whether it is the hard times or good times.

And that brings me to the final life lesson: relationships


Do you want to succeed? Do you want to reach your potential? Than you need to surround yourself with people who will make you better. To make you the best you.

I am not talking about people who are manipulating you to be someone else. I mean people who are going to polish you.

We all have things that are not good in our character. Things include anger issues, shallowness, or lack of empathy.

Good relationships will want us to become better. To correct that. And sometimes that means getting slapped up side the head and say “Yo– you doing a dumb and you need to stop.”

Part of it also means surrounding yourself, good people. If you want to become someone than surround yourself with people you want to become like. Who you are is dependent on the people you hang out with.

Here is an old saying I heard: bad company corrupts good character.

Be very careful who spend time with.

Keep Running

Life is hard, tough, and often times not fair. But you can’t restart or exchange it for someone else’s life. You only get one life.

By the same token, you can’t cross the finish line if you don’t run the race.

Creature of the Deep

In the deep I swim
In the depths I dwell
Gray of dorsal
White of belly
Strength is in my bones
Grace in my motion

In the icy cold
In the deep blackness
I wander the expanse
Traveling where no man has been
Forever moving
Forever hunting

My teeth are razor sharp
Pure white and never dull
My sight never fails
My smell never dull
I swim out of sight
Hunting fish, seal, and shark

Humans fear me
Fish flee before me
Seals tremble at my coming
I swim alone
Across the miles
A lonely king beneath the sea

Pale Moon

The Pale Moon first rose
Long ago when the fields were wild
It’s light shown upon wild things
When the land was feral

Only animals roamed the land
No sound of humans

Then came the natives
Wanders from distant lands
Seeking out a new home

After came the explorers
Seeking the hidden treasures
Seeking the passage west
Seeking the edge of the map

Then time marched passed
Buildings sprung up
And wars were fought
Between men, between nature

The woods gave way to industry
Men slaved away to gain food for family
The land was tamed
And homes were built

The Pale Moon still rises
Over the lands it beheld in its youth
The lands have changed
The people warred and loved

Still the people live and learn
Still the people fight and love
Still the Pale Moon rises
And remembers all that has past

Old Man

Old man, old man
With your bald head
And gray eyes
With bent back and wrinkled hands
What have you seen?
What have you done?

Did your eyes watch as Pearl Harbor burned
Did your ears hear the reports of ships lost?
Did your hands till the earth?
Did your voice call for peace?

Did you grow up during The War to End all Wars?
Did you fight in the Korean war?
Did you protest Vietnam
Did you cheer at the Olympics

Tell me, old man
What have you seen
What have you done
Have you cried at a child’s death
Cheer as they walked down the aisle

Did you marvel at men on the moon
Did you weep at the Fall of the Trade Towers
Did you celebrate the fourth with loved ones
Did you wish your wife love today?

Tell me, old man
What can you share with me
What can you teach me
What can you tell me

Old man, old man
You have lived far longer than I
Can you tell me of your journey
Can you tell me of your life

Little Bird

Little Bird, Little Bird
Sitting on tree branch
Tweeting all the night long
Why do you sing of sorrow?
Why do you sing of sadness?

Little Bird, Little Bird
Hidden in the shrub
Why does your song speak of pain?
Why does your song speak of loneliness?

Little Bird, Little Bird
Way above my head
Why do your songs bring me tears
Why do your songs bring me sorrow?

Little Human, Little Human
Standing all alone
My songs are made for you

Little Human, Little Human
Sitting in the corner
You hear what is in your soul

I sing of the hurt you hold deep within
I sing of the loneliness you will not admit
I sing of the pain of the loss you feel

I sing so that you can hear
What you cannot say
To hear that you are not alone

I sing so that you know
That you can say what is within
That the pain will pass

Little Human, Little Human
Hold a little longer
Stay true a little more

Little Human, Little Human
One day things will change

On that day you will hear me sing
Of the joy you found
Of the peace you hold
Of the friend you make

Little Human, Little Human
You are cared for
You are seen
You are not forgotten