Dreary Morning

Rain drops on a window overlooking a city

Rain falls from black sky
No wind to be felt
No song of birds heard
The dawnless morning
Is as black as night
No hope of light
Not even starlight
I go about this morning
As I always have
But today I miss the light
Today I am wearied by the night


The Train

Beneath harsh light
Standing on formed stone
I wait
Hood pulled up
Bag held tight
The night grows long
And day is near
Yet the sky is gray
And the world is dark

Beneath flickering light
Standing on cracked stone
I wait
Busses creak to a stop
Others rumble off
Still I wait
By the rusty metal tracks
Without a friend or lover

Beneath white lights
Standing by worn stone
I wait
The rumble comes first
Shaking the ground
A shriek in the air
Heralds its coming
It rounds the corner
Screeching to a stop

Beneath soft lights
Sitting on hard seats
I wait
The city of my birth
Slowly fades away
Pulling my memories with
Like a bad dream
With one last whistle
I am finally free

The Light In The Dark

Day in
Day out
Reports come
Of evil deeds being done
Child used as sex toys
Adults beaten to death
Teens committing suicide

Day in
Day out
Reports are told
Of nations preparing for war
Of genocides being committed
Of wars being waged

Yet in all of that
There is light
Of a man who stopped a jumper
Of women saving children
Of people intervening

The world is a dark place
And the news is not good
But there is hope and there is light
And if you cannot find the light
Then act for the light

Sun Ride

The orange sun sets on the western horizon
Gold and red light play across road and field
Painting white clouds purple, pink, and orange

Pair by pair, headlights burn to life
Minute by minute the roads become
Rivers of red and white lights

The steady hum of tires against concrete
Is drowned out by the throb of music
Or the rumble of powerful engines

A father heading home
Families ending vacations
And teens going on adventure

Each one on the road
Heading to their own place
At their own pace

The Darkness

The day is falling
Darkness is rising

I watch its march across the land
All that was once true and apparent
Become lost in shadows and mystery

The day has ended
The darkness is complete

Yet I still see light
In the glimmers of the sky
They twinkle and twirl

Beneath the tree limbs
Dancing among the shadows
Are the dancing light

So perhaps the darkness is not wholly evil
Perhaps it is to show the light in the deepest places.