The Worlds I Live In

Piled in corners
Stuffed in shelves
They lie still
Gathering dust
Falling into ruin
Sealed away in their covers
Are words written long ago
Hidden in their pages
Are worlds made long ago
Each one is different
Each one was once new
Each day I walk among them
Each day I pass through their pages
Leaving this world
Of pain and hurt
Of sorrow and regret
And escape to another world
Where inner demons can be fought
And purpose can be found
These are the worlds I live in
Not in the pages of sports or celebrities
But in the world of elves and swords
These are the worlds I choose to live in


One More

gold sunset with a dark blue dusk

One More
We say it all the time
One more smoke
One more lie
One more drink
One more time
One more and I’m done

Just one more
We never really mean it though
Always one more pill
Always one more party
Always one more race
Always one more gamble
But one more could be the end

One more
One more and your life could change
One more drink could be a hit and run
One more pill could be an overdose
One more time stealing money
One more click could be the end of a relationship
One more and lives can change

One more
Just two words
But oh can they can change your life
As this day comes to an end
Say no more

White Cloud

rain falling from gray clouds with white clouds in background
Some days I wish I was a cloud
Bright and fluffy
Or dark and brooding
It wouldn’t matter to me
The wind would guide me
Nature would dictate me
Floating above the wars and hate
Ignoring the blaming and killing
Not worrying about success
Or fitting in with the rest
Just a cloud going along
Without a care

Some days I wish I was a cloud
To form as quickly
And disappear just as fast
Leaving no mark as I pass
To see the world and its beauty
Without the darkness and evil
To see the light of day
Or beauty of the night sky

But if I was a cloud
I couldn’t have met you
To see your joy or pain
To celebrate success
Or grieve during lost
To see your smile
To see you touch lives
To hear your words
As you encouraged
Or felt your love
When I had fallen

If I was a cloud
I would never have met you
Or be inspired by you
To see myself better
To become better because of you

The Library

I was at the local library the other day and I wondered how long it was before such physical locations would follow the way of movie rental places. But then I realized that libraries should never disappear from our city streets.

Why should we be worried about an “obsolete” thing as a physical library?

Well, this is my thought on the matter:

You can pick up a book and read things written by another human being years, decades, or in some cases centuries ago. As a reader, you are able to delve into the mind of a person you have never met before. Here you can explore their thoughts, opinions, and views on life.

Or if you’re like me and like sci-fi, you can live out a dozen different lives. From some lonely space ranger defending her outpost from invading aliens or defending the galaxy as a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic, you can be more than just a human working through life on this little blue gem we call earth.

Libraries have always been part of my life. Growing up in the country had its benefits but also its drawbacks, especially since this was the time of dial up internet connection. If you don’t know what that is, ask your mom or dad. Libraries allowed me to expand my knowledge out in the middle of nowhere.

From reading about military actions of past wars to how to dig up dinosaur bones to reading about Captain Kirk and his starship, I had a wider range of interest than most kids.

But now libraries are going by the wayside thanks to the availability of the internet. But the value of the library is greater now. Physical books cannot be edited because someone disagrees with it nor can it be taken down with a click of a mouse because it offended someone. Books are sources of knowledge that is as close to written in stone as we can get.

Why do you think the great tyrants of history always supported book burning when they were coming to power? They may have said it was destroying the old but what it really was destroying anything that had a dissenting opinion, something that would make their followers think for themselves.

And therein lies the power of the library. To be a repository where anyone can examine history from the views of the people who lived through it. And then form their own opinion of it.

So support your library!