Sleeping Hours

Day has ended
Night has fallen
The thunder of the day
Gives way to the subtle of the night
Beasts, great and small
Make their way through the night
Though man slumbers unaware

Yet here I lay
Wide awake
Unable to sleep
My mind rushes and rushes
Where the people sleep
I lie awake
Where the people rest
My soul stirs uneasily

Night has fallen
And my soul wanders
Across the landscape of my mind
There I see myself
My worries appear as mountains
My fears as canyons
My hopes as distant fields

Though all around me
The shadows of my fears
Rise and close in
Yet far above me
The stars of my hope
Shine far above me
A hidden hope of mine


Thoughts at Night

Late at night
Thoughts swirl and dance
Spiraling out of control
Or looping ’round and ’round
The clock tick the night away
But still the thoughts tumble
Through my mind
Some are jumbled
OthersĀ are simple lines
That flow one after another
Thus the night wears away
Each tick of the clock
Marks a thought
So the hours pass by
A mind full of thoughts
But no solution comes.