How Strange

To be filled with joy
To be filled with peace
Yet not be able to write

When rage and sorrow
Well up within the soul
The words flow with ease

When lost in thought
When the spirit is heavy
Is it easy to write

Is it the curse of the poet?
Or is it the change in heart?

Will the darkness fade
Before the light of day?

Or will the pen become still
And the writer no longer write?


What Time Is Your Time?

Dear Readers,

As of late, I have begun working on an original novel. An entire blog could be dedicated to that process but I did want to focus in on one aspect of writing.

When does inspiration hit you?

When does your muse like to show up?

For me, the best time to write is about 10 o’clock at night. I could write hours on end but often time work and school puts a damper on that prospect. I get inspiration from seeing other shows that I like and from the strange creatures in the sea. I like to play with the “What If” of life and make a world based on it.

— Poetria