Little Bird

Little Bird, Little Bird
Why do you cry?
Why are your songs
Are full of sorrow?

Little Bird, Little Bird
Do not give up hope now
For He who made you
Is caring for you now

Little Bird, Little Bird
I know things are hard
I know things are bad
But they will not last

Little Child, Little Child
Shed your tears
But hold fast to life
Things will get better



The boy looked at himself
And said that his sorrow
Was not that great
And so never shed a tear

The girl looked at herself
And said others had it worse
So never told a soul
The hurt she felt

So they went on with their lives
Their thoughts becoming darker
They were not healing
They were planting seeds

Seeds that would grow
To hurt them even more

He grew silent
Unable to speak
She grew to hate
The very person she was

The truth of it is this
There is always someone
Whose tale is darker
Whose hurt is greater

But if you do not heal
Those wounds you carry
Will grow greater
Will hurt deeper

So see the pain for what they are
So let the healing begin


Red like the Fall’s leaves
Red as the setting sun
And the cardinal who sings

Red like the fire’s glow
Red as the child’s crayon
And the Christmas lights

Red like the blood of wounded soldiers
Red as the eyes that mourn
And the heart that breaks

Red like the human’s rage
Red as the victims killed
And the blood-stained car wreck

The hurts we carry on our flesh
The joys we keep in your hearts
Can be painted in red.

Oceans and Life

Life can be like the open ocean. Some days are clear skies with smooth waters and strong wind. You can choose your course and your pace. There is a beautiful journey full of light and wonder. Other times, the ocean becomes a cruel and terrible place. A storm comes or the wind becomes more. The waves crashes against you and forces you one direction then another.

Personally, I like the smooth sailing and dread the times when my life has become a turbulent ocean. And at the moment, I feel like I am caught in a moving whirlpool. I’m going a direction but not the one I want and I’m not going that direction very well.

But one thing I realize about storms is that there is beauty within it. The awe inspiring thousand feet waves. The brilliant colors that lighting are dressed in. The spine shivering bass of thunder. The power in the winds that toss the water.

By the same token, there is beauty in the troubles of life. I am not saying that the woes and aches found in life is beautiful. Or it should be called so but there are moments within those tragedies that can keep hope alive.

And that is what I am finding out right now.

I am not where I thought I would be three months after graduating. However, I have a good family, food, shelter, and clothes. I have good friends who I can call upon. The storm of this moment is a tough one but there is an island with a safe harbor in my future.


Just finished watching two movies on YouTube: Removed and Remember My Story: Removed Part 2. In short, it is a small story about an older child who goes through the so-called “system”. It made me think about all the kids living in foster homes and orphanages. From the Americas to the Far East and everywhere in between, there are thousands of children whose lives have been turned upside down.

Some have been abandoned or death has taken their parents. Others are removed because their legal guardians are a threat to them.

But what do we do?

I am not sure what the answer is. Not everyone is suited to be a caregiver for a child, and that’s not a bad thing.

What is a bad thing is the fact that these kids are hurting. Maybe this strikes a cord with me since I am an orphan. And I was very lucky being adopted as young as I was. However, kids who are older are not as “attractive” so they are not as likely to be adopted. And this adds to the emotional baggage they are carrying. And I don’t want people to adopt or become stewards just to make themselves feel better. That does nothing for the child involved.

I could sit here and type away why this situation is horrible and try to make you feel guilty about it. But that won’t do anything to help them.

Instead, I want you to take a moment to think about them. They are unseen and unheard. You could meet with one today and you may never know. So be kind and be a good model. Reach out and show true love and kindness.

Oh, and watch the movies:

Remember My Story: Removed Part 2

World of Pain

Yesterday I jumped onto Facebook and cruised all the news feeds. My bright and happy morning quickly became a gray mush of sadness.

And yes, that is a terrible use of the English language but it sums it up.

From fans lamenting the loss of Christina Grimmie and the 50 who died in Florida and the arguments on either side of the gun point. Past those posts I read about pervy old men hurting children and young women being objectified as young as twelve. Over all, this world is in a heap of trouble.

Add to the mix are people’s actions. From a random guy purposely trying to spray water at a kid walking alongside the road to the people who are ripping each other apart on comments.

So today, when you have the choice to rip someone a new one or use your words to treat another cruelly, don’t.

Just don’t.

The world is sad enough without people going out of the way to hurt others.

If you can’t offer a kind word then don’t say anything. Just smile and acknowledge the person.

For the people who are not strangers, the people you count as friends or family. Be kind to them. Don’t expect anything back but don’t lash back to make yourself feel better. If they’re still hurting you, maybe it’s time to let them go.

So today, be kind.

Finding Life

A pen to write
A pencil to draw
A brush to paint

Each a story to tell
Each an escape to make

A camera to use
A stage to walk
A prank to play

Each a mask we wear
Each a shield we hide behind

A way to speak again
A skill to find ourself in
A way to see the world
A way to live again

We all run from life at times
We all leave for a while
But we must come back

What we once used to disappear
Is how we live yet again