Morning’s Delight

Dawn breaks pale and cold
A yellow sun shrouded by fog
What weak light that
Touch the cold ground
Only glistens upon icy forms
That seals away the last
Of Summer’s life
Frost covers leaf and branch
And even a spider’s web
No bird cries
Nor car hums
The air is still
And the world is silent
In that morning light
A peaceful moment
Before the world’s hurry comes


God in the Storm

dark storm clouds over campus

Thunder crackles
Lighting flashes

Wind howls
Rain falls

I stood beneath the roar
I stood in the falling water

Letting the wind batter my body
Letting the rain soak my clothes

With every crackle
And every drop

My soul becomes lighter
And my mind clearer

To see the rage of the lightning strike
To feel the gentle touch of the rain

To see the wrath of the storm
To feel the peace within

In it all I see the Lord
In the heart of the storm

In it all I understand the God of heavens
In the heart of the tempest

The Storm

The Storm

storm clouds
The last photo I was able to get before it got too dark.

The Storm
The Storm
It boils and churns
Lightning burns across the sky
Rain pelts the ground
Wind howls through the trees

I stand beneath
In awe and filled with joy
The sound of heaven
Fills me with happiness
Feeling so small
Yet so full of life

storm at dusk
Taken on my phone just before the storm kicked off.