That Old Road

orange sky, yellow sun setting with phone lines in the foreground
An old photo I took years ago on a point and shoot

The road we travel on
Is old indeed
Some parts are straight
Others meander for miles
Some parts are smooth and new
Others are rough with cracks

The road we travel on
Is old indeed
Some parts are desserts
Others are in hearts of forests
Some parts are traveled through summer
Others are traveled through winter

The road we travel on
Is old indeed
Some parts are full of stops
Others are empty lands
Some parts are distractions
Others are exits to new lands

The road we travel on
Is old indeed
We start out young
And grow old on this road
We may not always like the journey
But we all must travel on that old road


Lake Flower

a yellow flower with the lake in the background.

A yellow flower upon the sand
Fresh and new in the light
Beside a clean lake

A young girl upon the sand
Young and full of innocence
Lying beside me

I pluck the flower
And offer it to her
With a warm smile

She gives me thanks
And tucks the flower
In her hair

And becomes a painting
Of beauty and grace
Besides a small lake

After The Rain

Dear Readers,

This poem was written after a storm passed through my city last night. Please enjoy!

After the Rain

All night long
Thunder and lighting
Cross the heavens

All night long
The wind howls
And trees fall

Hour by hour
The night passes on

All night long
I wait and listen
To the cry of the storm

Dawn rises
Little by little
Filled with sweet song

I glance out my window
And I find the world quiet and still

 Droplets hang from leaves
The air still
And heaven is silent

Sweet smells fill the air
A freshness to the soul
A calmness to the mind