Heaven’s Lamps

orange moon against a black sky

The first thing I saw this morning
The last thing I saw this night
The first had no light yet shined
The second had no shadow yet casts shadows

A moment’s pause is all I have
To look upon those forms
With a child’s wonder
Long forgotten

Beneath their light
I thought and wondered
Beneath their path
I recalled and remembered

The first held mystery
The latter commanded fealty
One was the hope in the night
The other was relief in the morn

Throughout the ages
They dance through the sky
Often alone
But sometimes together

Throughout the ages
Old and young looked above
Some with awe
Others bowed in worship

Those two bodies
Have traveled through time
Those two bodies
Have counted the ages of man

Orange sunset with green field

The Morning Breaks

blue sky and sliver of a yellow sunrise

The morning breaks
Silent and still
No bird to hear
No traffic sound
Bare feet
Upon wet grass
Cold to toes
Yet sweet on lips
A strange smell
Upon the morning air
To make the mind wonder

The morning breaks
Full of wonder
The only sound
Is the heart that pounds
As the sun awakes
The morning coldness
Chased away
By the warmth
Of the coming day

The Morning breaks
Slowly at first
Till bird sings
And wind stirs
Then the magic breaks
And the day hurries in
The darkness flees
And the light rushes in
Till the signs of dawn
Are swept all away
My heart will cherish
The silence of the day