Too Slow

Too slow
That’s what happened
Too slow
That’s the fact in my life

I hesitated
I was afraid
I didn’t want to push

So I hesitated
So I said no
That’s when I realized
That a part of me will always this
No matter the time that passes
Or how our lives may change

I was too slow
That’s what happened
I was too slow
to face my fear
Now the time has passed
I’ll smile as you fly
But I’ll always remember
That I was too afraid

That Old Road

orange sky, yellow sun setting with phone lines in the foreground
An old photo I took years ago on a point and shoot

The road we travel on
Is old indeed
Some parts are straight
Others meander for miles
Some parts are smooth and new
Others are rough with cracks

The road we travel on
Is old indeed
Some parts are desserts
Others are in hearts of forests
Some parts are traveled through summer
Others are traveled through winter

The road we travel on
Is old indeed
Some parts are full of stops
Others are empty lands
Some parts are distractions
Others are exits to new lands

The road we travel on
Is old indeed
We start out young
And grow old on this road
We may not always like the journey
But we all must travel on that old road

The Iron Soldier

He stands tall and proud
Rain beating upon his skin
Each drop a hammer against his armor
Oh his armor
Forged from fire and metal
It was held in awe
Once it gleamed
Once it shined
But no more
Now the armor is dull
Now the armor scarred and marred
As the armor was
So was the man
As the armor is
So is the man
Old now though not twenty years
Old now after twenty battles
He stands still
A seasoned warrior
Though his love is long gone
And his friends have fallen
He stands tall and proud
The Iron Wall between disaster

Here It Comes

dark blue storm clouds
Forgive the poor quality.

Clouds, blue-black
Thick and layered
They close overhead
Like an army marshaling
Minutes tick away
And the heavens change
No sun to see
No Moon to follow
Or stars to gaze upon
Air heavy and thick
A wild whirlwind
Rushing and shoving
A distant bolt falling
An all too near thunder rumbling
Minutes pass and the sky darkens
And the peaceful day is gone
Now only the wild tempest to see
The trees bend
And dust flies
Now comes the full strength
Rain falling slapping
And vision dimmed
The wind hammers against skin
And thunder shake bones
The world twists and turns
So much greater
A terrible force to endure
A beautiful wonder to behold

The Storm

Great clouds rises
A mantle
A wall
Stretching as far as eye can see
Mountains and monsters
Great and terrible
Their forms reveal for moments
Their voices heard for miles
The children tremble
The dogs wail
The wind howls
And house shakes
Grass dance
And dust flies
The earth trembles
And the sky roars
Thunder crashes
Lightning falls
Slashes, and tears
Yet in his trail
Yet in his passing
A sweetness remains
Though tree be broken
Though leaf be torn
A cleanness to the air
And brightness to the sun
The ground is watered
And is renewed
Though the storm be great
The earth receives his rain

Nightly Thoughts

Late at night
My mind runs
Late at night
And my mind wanders

I should be in bed
But I cannot sleep yet
So much to write
So many thoughts to process

The day is done
Yet my mind is awake
Despite the late night
I type my thoughts

The morning broke
Foggy and clear
My heart was glad
At the sight

Then the day passed
And my heart grew heavy
Though the day was clear
And the sun shined

Late at night
I wonder why
Why does my heart change
Why is my heart sad

Late at night
I lie awake
Staring at star and moon
Wondering why things are

Memorial Day

Today we remember
Today we honor those who have fallen
Upon distant shores
In the skies above
Upon far lands

They choose to go
To defend our shores
Upon distant lands
There they were fell
By mine, bullet, and cannon

Today we remember
Those who lost their lives
Today we honor them
Who fell to protect us
Today we remember
Today is Memorial Day