Turkeys are cooking
Families traveling
Snow is falling
And Christmas lights a’glowing

We count our blessings
Remembering the good things
Be they large or small
And giving thanks for all

But not all enjoy this season
Some have no reason
Some huddle beneath bridges
Some hide from relatives

When you pray and give thanks
Spare a moment and give a thought
To all those who are without
To all who are hurting now


The Woods

It stands not too far
Appearing for all like ancient woods
With bent and weathered trees
With thick underbrush
With scurrying animals and birds
Yet the air taste strange
And the trees more alive
When you near these woods

A power lies upon these woods
An endless twilight
Beneath green leaves
Strange lamps can be seen
Among bough and trunk
Strange laughter can be heard
Deep within the woods
All who enter never stay
All who seek never find
All who are lost find food and shelter
But those who seek harm are never found

A power lies upon these woods
Be it summer, spring, winter, or fall
A peace can be found
Where the weary find rest
And the restless find stillness
A whisper can be heard
Like wind among leaves
Or the quiet song of strings
Playing through the night
None have ventured to cut tree or stone
None have questioned why this forest remains

It stands not too far
Appearing deserted and old
A remnant of what it once was
The people watch and plan
Yet somehow it always remain
Year after year
Century after century
Where the air is rich
And the trees sway in windless air

The Worlds I Live In

Piled in corners
Stuffed in shelves
They lie still
Gathering dust
Falling into ruin
Sealed away in their covers
Are words written long ago
Hidden in their pages
Are worlds made long ago
Each one is different
Each one was once new
Each day I walk among them
Each day I pass through their pages
Leaving this world
Of pain and hurt
Of sorrow and regret
And escape to another world
Where inner demons can be fought
And purpose can be found
These are the worlds I live in
Not in the pages of sports or celebrities
But in the world of elves and swords
These are the worlds I choose to live in

Virtual and Physical

What a strange time to be alive
To be able to explore ancient ruins
To fly with dragons
To fight skeletons
And unlock ancient tombs
While never leaving your room

To speak with a friend
From across the globe
Or read a translation
From an ancient language
While never leaving your room

To exchange ideas
And to create a project
While never setting foot
In the same city

What a time to be alive

What a strange time to be alive
To have the time to stop and feel
The wind upon your face
To see the clouds in the sky

To go and hitch a ride
On a machine that can fly
To travel across the ocean
In hours instead of days

To be in one country in the morning
And be halfway around the world by evening
To see the ancient ruins
And eat different foods

To go and learn a dozen languages
And be able to explore the world around
And not worry about bandits, disease, or animals
All with your own money

What a time to be alive

Some say the virtual world is better
Other say the physical is real
I like to say I live in both

A Lazy Day

A lazy day today
No work to do
No task undone
Just the sun
And boating for fun
Maybe a photo or two
I ready to go
Yet the cry of child
Ruins it all
No game to watch
Or fish to catch
Just a child with homework
A mother stressed
And a white cat that’s now blue

The day passes by
The questions make no sense
Wife struggling
The cat can’t be found
And now the bath tub is cracked
Blue paw prints trail the house
And the ceiling is leaking
Now we find the homework is missing

Day is slipping by
The plumbings fixed
The homework is found
But the cat is still missing
And now the kid is blue
The wife is crying
And smoke alarm is wailing

Night is falling
The cat’s been found
But the kid is gone
The alarms are going
And dinner is burning
Anger is building
But then I remember the verse
To set the example

A deep breath
A quick prayer
And back at it
The paint can is found
And the cat is showered
With only twenty-three scratches
The smoke is gone
So is dinner

Eight o’clock
And the house is quiet
The child reads
And the cat preens
Dinner round two is done
And the leaking stopped
I didn’t catch any fish
But I did solve homework
And had a blue cat

I look to my wife
And give her a big grin
Is this what your week is?
She laughs and shakes her head
No, sometimes it is crazy

Another Day

Another day
Another sunrise
Another time to work
Another time to get it done

Another day
Another sunrise
Another and another
One after another

It never seems to stop
It never seems to wane
Just one after another
Another after another

Another day
Another sunrise
Time to work
Time to strive

Another day
Another sunrise
A chance to make a change
A chance to live life

Another day
Another sunrise
Another step to take
To reach that goal in mind

That goal is a little closer
That goal is just in reach
One day after another
That goal is just a little closer

Another day
Another sunrise
Time to earn that pay
To make that living