The Pale Morning

weak morning sunlight

The pale morning rises
Weak and dull
The air is heavy
The air is still
The weight of the night
Continues into the day
Not as overwhelming darkness
But the weight of a shadow
It drags and tears
Though the sun is bright
The heart is dark

The Pale Morning rises
Though the world is dark
And the heart aches
A new dawn comes
Not always bright
Not always easy
Yet the dawn will come
With new hope
With new chances

The Light In The Dark

Day in
Day out
Reports come
Of evil deeds being done
Child used as sex toys
Adults beaten to death
Teens committing suicide

Day in
Day out
Reports are told
Of nations preparing for war
Of genocides being committed
Of wars being waged

Yet in all of that
There is light
Of a man who stopped a jumper
Of women saving children
Of people intervening

The world is a dark place
And the news is not good
But there is hope and there is light
And if you cannot find the light
Then act for the light

One More

gold sunset with a dark blue dusk

One More
We say it all the time
One more smoke
One more lie
One more drink
One more time
One more and I’m done

Just one more
We never really mean it though
Always one more pill
Always one more party
Always one more race
Always one more gamble
But one more could be the end

One more
One more and your life could change
One more drink could be a hit and run
One more pill could be an overdose
One more time stealing money
One more click could be the end of a relationship
One more and lives can change

One more
Just two words
But oh can they can change your life
As this day comes to an end
Say no more

White Cloud

rain falling from gray clouds with white clouds in background
Some days I wish I was a cloud
Bright and fluffy
Or dark and brooding
It wouldn’t matter to me
The wind would guide me
Nature would dictate me
Floating above the wars and hate
Ignoring the blaming and killing
Not worrying about success
Or fitting in with the rest
Just a cloud going along
Without a care

Some days I wish I was a cloud
To form as quickly
And disappear just as fast
Leaving no mark as I pass
To see the world and its beauty
Without the darkness and evil
To see the light of day
Or beauty of the night sky

But if I was a cloud
I couldn’t have met you
To see your joy or pain
To celebrate success
Or grieve during lost
To see your smile
To see you touch lives
To hear your words
As you encouraged
Or felt your love
When I had fallen

If I was a cloud
I would never have met you
Or be inspired by you
To see myself better
To become better because of you

The Shape of You

Large or small
Tall or short
Wide or narrow
Or a mix of all
That is who we are
Big hips, small chest
Bald on top or going Tarzan
Skinny as a rail or a walking Hutt
This is what describes us
A thigh gap
Bulging muscles
Darker, paler
This is what we want
Bulging belly
Starving look
Too small, too big
This is what we hate
The movies tell us one thing
But reality says another
Twisting and chaining
How we see ourselves

Apple shape
Pear shape
A breadstick
A loaf
This is what I see
Black as night
Pale as snow
Or just plain
Six feet
Four feet
Or somewhere between
Smooth skin
Wrinkle skin
Sickly skin
This is what I see
Sagging flab
Bulging bellies
And skinny as a rail
This what I see
Humans of every shape
Of every color and every age

We are human
Unique in our own way
Undefined by a body shape
We are human
Each with strength and weakness
Each with hope and fear
We are human
More than a body shape


Why is the question we often ask
Why is the sky blue
Why does the world turn
Why does the stars shine
And why does the grass grow
These things we ask
As children seeing the world

Why is the question we often ask
Why do we seek to impress others
Why do we compare ourselves
Why do we want another’s talent
And why do we fall in love
these things we ask
As adults going forward in this world

Why is the question we ask
In the dark of night
Or at the end of the day
Why move forward
Why try again
Why why why
Is it the life we live
Or is it the life we want
Why should we live ourselves
Why should we live for others