Friday Thoughts: No Thoughts

white clouds on the eastern horizon

No thoughts today. Just going to the backyard this weekend and watch the day go by. Everyone now and then it is okay just not thinking and pondering the world and its troubles. To remember that you live in an amazingly designed world.

Enjoy your weekend! Be safe!


Time Passing

Another week has passed by
More time has slipped by
Marked only by assignments
Days filled by hectic work
Of meeting and answering
Five long days of work
For two days of rest
For which one day is for work
Then the week returns
And the cycle begins again

Run Through The Night

boy looking out into the evening
We all have the need to just walk or run through the night to relax. This is an inspiration for it.

Note: This was written because I notice that I become more relax the later the night it is. I wanted to put the odd feeling of being relaxed. No matter what the day had brought, good, bad, or mundane, the night was the time for me to relax.

Run. Run.
Run through the night.
Ignore the day’s trouble.
Ignore the day’s toil.
Just run through the night.

Run. Run.
Run through the night.
Let the mind be free.
Let the day be done.
Just relax through the night.

This is the fact of our life.
The day is full of worry and pain
Why let the night be the same?

Let the tears flow if need be.
Let the mask fall down.
And the let the night run on.

Run. Run.
Run through the night.
The night is growing old
The day is coming true
So let us enjoy the last of the night

Run. Run.
Run through the last of the night.
Let the evening bring rest.

Friends and Shows

Dear Readers,

I have just finished a great day with good friends. It is strange when a single person could change the mood of a day. It has been a long time since I have been at ease with others. I have introvert tendencies an

We were watching Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary. We noticed a lot about the Doctor’s personality and life struggles that can be applied to our own lives. I love it when a book, television, or movie offers much to the viewer/reader.

A good book or show should keep giving lessons to the viewer/reader no matter how many times they go back over the medium.

I wish more shows today have the depth and lessons to provide information.

— Poetria