Union Jack

She breaks the waves
With grace and ease
White sails dance above her
While her skin glistens gold
She passes across the ocean
With only the creak of wood
The crew is hard at work
but there is a calm and peace

Then a lookout shouts

Another ship has been spotted
Tensions mount as eyes strain
To catch sight of that ship
Then a shout rings out
the order goes out to the crew
The ship turns with silence
Cannons are run out
Ready to fire, ready to fight

The two ships close the distance
Beneath the black and white
Of the Skull and Bones
Men in ragged clothes
Raise their swords
Their voices cry for blood

Beneath the Union Jack
Men in white and blue
Wait in silence for orders
They answer raucous cries
With silent patience
Swords and gun held steady

Then the ships close
Captain stare hard at one another
One with a scarred face but
Clean uniform
The other tattooed
And sports those he killed

“Kill them!”
The orders are given
Black barrels
Bellow and roar
Spitting fire and iron
Cannon balls tear holes
In hull and men
Pistol shots
Sing and dance

An hour passes by
Gray clouds hang
Between the ships
As a thin curtain
Both are battered
both have suffered
Yet both continue

Then a shot
Fired by the Union Jack
Slices through the hull
Of the Skull and Bones
Deeper and deeper it goes
Shattering a man
Destroying a gun
Then its lands among barrels

They explode beneath the impact
Scattering black powder
And hurling shards of wood
For a moment the hot ball
Sits quietly on top of wood
Then the ship lurches
It rolls off its perch
And lands among the powder
A second later, it explodes

The Skull and Bone
Once magnificent and equal
Screams out a tortured cry
As its back is split in two
Fire rushes up
Consuming wood and men
The guns fall silent
As men scream

In minutes, the Skull and Bone
Vanishes into David Jone’s locker
With only dead and debris
To make her passing
“Stand down! Pick up survivors!”
The order goes out
Cannons are secured
Repairs begin
And the Union Jack
Survives one more tiem