Shadow of the Sun

orange sunset with a small cloud casting a long shadow

When the days are hard and the times are troubling
When the stars are darkened and men speak lies
When a shadow crosses the heavens
And the sun darkens in a clear sky
Then shall the gates be open once again
And the return what once was

Disclaimer: This is not an actual prophecy. Just a little fun fictional inspiration.


Smell the flower

red and yellow flower
Dear Readers,

For college students, this time of their lives is filled with tests, work, school projects, and long nights.

I should know—I’m one of them.

The start of my day is getting up, checking to make sure I have my homework done, eating breakfast and getting dressed.

I am also running at five hundred miles per hour with a burrito in one hand and my hoodie in the other. It occurred to me when I looked at the sky and I wished I could take a photo but I didn’t have time to stop.

As soon as that thought popped into my head, I realized I was moving through life far too fast.

Too often, I find myself wishing this part of my life to be over. I keep pushing myself to go through everyday as quickly as I can.

But I am missing out on memories with friends and family. The late night Wal-Mart runs where I swear we are going to get thrown out because we are chasing each other with Minecraft swords; the long nights of staring at homework and chugging down caffeine drinks; and pulling my hair out as a project will not behave the way I want to go.

Too often I find myself stressed out and running to classes. There are days where I sit back and ask myself what did I do today and all I can think of is homework and classes.

College is only a short but critical time in my life. I should study and make sure I am taking the time to do a good job on my homework. I should attend class and prepare for tests. Yet, through all of this, I want to leave college with close friends and fond memories of this time.

I don’t want to be ten years down the road and not have any memories of being outside of class.

So take a moment—smell the roses.

Stop and look at the sky.

Enjoy life.

Make memories.

Your mark on life is not just your achievements—it is who will remember you when you pass by.

shadows on trees

— Poetria

Time Between Time

Time Between Time


The sun sets down,

The last of its light

Fades softly into the night


Here and there,

A star peaks out

Here and there,

A bird whispers


I sit and watch

The sun sink low


Slowly, slowly

Every so slowly

The day fades

And the night rises


Yet for a moment

A moment in time

Between the rays of light

Between the night’s shadow


Time stands still


The birds do not speak

The stars hold still

All the world stands still

In that one brief moment


Day and night

Night and day

Shadow and light

Light and shadow


Both are present

Both are absent

Sparks of light appear

Creatures wake


Flickers of light dance

Where no fires burn

Songs are heard

Where no one stands


Then in the frozen sky

Of light and dark

A figure steps out

Of the shadow into light


Tall and slender

Skin white as the moon

Hair like the sun

A voice like angels

Eyes like precious stones


She slips among the trees

Spinning gently through

Dusk and Dawn


Then as quickly as she came

She slips back through the woods

Her green dress swirl around

As if wind took form


I follow at a distance

She comes to a mighty stone

Around three times

She danced


I follow after the second

But when I came to the third,

Gone was she

Then I look upon the heaven


Stars blink quietly in the night

A curtain of green light

Dances across the sky

So ended the Time between Time


And closed the doors

Between worlds


August 29, 2011