Sleeping Hours

Day has ended
Night has fallen
The thunder of the day
Gives way to the subtle of the night
Beasts, great and small
Make their way through the night
Though man slumbers unaware

Yet here I lay
Wide awake
Unable to sleep
My mind rushes and rushes
Where the people sleep
I lie awake
Where the people rest
My soul stirs uneasily

Night has fallen
And my soul wanders
Across the landscape of my mind
There I see myself
My worries appear as mountains
My fears as canyons
My hopes as distant fields

Though all around me
The shadows of my fears
Rise and close in
Yet far above me
The stars of my hope
Shine far above me
A hidden hope of mine


Wandering Soul

Hour by Hour
Day by Day
I toil and ply my trade
Sun up to sun down
I work all day

Yet my soul is far away
Past the cold buildings
Beyond the paved roads
My soul wanders alone

Through distant woods
Beneath star filled skies
My soul walks afar

It links by the streams
Of hidden valleys
It stands upon mountain tops
And distant ocean shores

Though my feet have never tread
This distant places
Nor has my eyes seen these sights
My soul lives there now
And my heart longs to join

The Writer’s Tale

When a writer writes
He tells two tales
One he writes to entertain
One he writes for other’s sake

Yet a second tale he tells
Not by his hand does he say
But by the words he chooses
Does he tell this tale

Where one he writes by hand
And is for the masses to read
The other is read
By those who can see

For the second tale is written
As a window to the writer’s mind
To see the heart and soul of him
Who pens the words


Heaven roars and sheds its tears
The earth trembles in her fury
Yet eagerly drinks her sorrows

The people hurry beneath the rain
The animals take shelter from the storm

Yet I stand quietly beneath that rain
Feeling the rain against face and skin
Hearing the thunder overhead
Feeling its rumble within my soul

I wonder at the power of heaven
I wonder at the strength of the storm

The storm is passing now
The thunder fades away
Yet its echo dwells within my soul

I Love You

When the days are long
And the nights are cold
I’ll whisper, “I love you”

When the sun is shining
And the stars are dancing
I’ll whisper, “I love you”

When your heart is heavy
And your soul weeps
I’ll whisper, “I love you

When the world has gone mad
And all seems lost
I’ll whisper, “I love you”

Note: This was written as an entry into a competition hosted by my university’s campus store. The theme of the competition was Valentine’s Day