The Journey Begins

Thus the year begins
With the cold bite
And the dreariness of winter
The woods slumber in the cold
The clouds hang low
And birds and insects dwell further south
A slow start to a new year
But a new year none the less
Who can tell what the year may bring
Or how it may end
But with every journey, there is a start
And with every story a beginning



The day has come once again
Among the blast fire in the sky
The sound of laughter all around
The shouts
The cheers
The drinks
The memories
One year ends
Another begins
Some with hope
Some with doubt
All around the world
One hour after another
People leave one year
And enter the next
Some with resolutions
Some with reservations
Yet all march forward
Willingly or not
So here to you
This day
For dusk was one year
And dawn will be another

Before You Argue

As students return to various centers of education, they return with storm clouds on the horizon. From an election with poor candidate choices to rioters burning the businesses of fellow citizens, this Fall Semester looks pretty bleak to me.

Maybe I did not notice before but it seems like the world has become a lot darker in recent years. And a lot more mindless followings.

I have seen more videos and memes flood Facebook for all the different fractions out there, be it the NRA or Hillary. The sheer amount of one-sided posts makes me feel as if I am wading though propaganda aimed for one thing: think only one way, their way.

Now some of you are thinking that this post is a silent support for your cause but let me assure you that it is not.

This post is about using that gray thing stuck between your ears.

Every side want your voice supporting them. Your job is to figure out which one you will give your voice to, if any.

I personally follow this general set of guides: Remember, Research, Question, Why, and Who.

Remember that each person will say whatever it takes to get your support.

Research what that cause or person has done in the past outside of their own sources.

Question their motivation and the motivation of their opposition.

Who is being paid to support which cause.

Once you have done all that, think about what you researched and found. Do you agree with it? Do you disagree? Why?

Now you have actually constructed a plausible defense for your support or opposition to a cause.

One Last Week

This is it.

My final week. The week of many lasts. Last week of college. Last week of going to classes. Last week of mad studying before the exam. Last week of complaining about doing homework. Last week of scrambling to get packed and moved for the summer.

And yes it does make me sad that I closing a chapter on my life. For me, it has been nearly seven years of college thanks to transfers and other circumstances. Yet looking back on my college career, I would not change much. Maybe study more here and there. Or be more confident in my skill sets.

Then I am greeted a new thought: This is also the week of firsts.

First job hunt for a “big person’s job”. First consideration of looking for an apartment that is not related to an university. The first week of a new chapter in my life.

I do not know what this new chapter may bring but I do know this. I will use what I learn in college, both in classes and in relationships, to establish myself on this new adventure.

Or I’ll be back to get my masters! :D