Here It Comes

dark blue storm clouds
Forgive the poor quality.

Clouds, blue-black
Thick and layered
They close overhead
Like an army marshaling
Minutes tick away
And the heavens change
No sun to see
No Moon to follow
Or stars to gaze upon
Air heavy and thick
A wild whirlwind
Rushing and shoving
A distant bolt falling
An all too near thunder rumbling
Minutes pass and the sky darkens
And the peaceful day is gone
Now only the wild tempest to see
The trees bend
And dust flies
Now comes the full strength
Rain falling slapping
And vision dimmed
The wind hammers against skin
And thunder shake bones
The world twists and turns
So much greater
A terrible force to endure
A beautiful wonder to behold


The Storm

Great clouds rises
A mantle
A wall
Stretching as far as eye can see
Mountains and monsters
Great and terrible
Their forms reveal for moments
Their voices heard for miles
The children tremble
The dogs wail
The wind howls
And house shakes
Grass dance
And dust flies
The earth trembles
And the sky roars
Thunder crashes
Lightning falls
Slashes, and tears
Yet in his trail
Yet in his passing
A sweetness remains
Though tree be broken
Though leaf be torn
A cleanness to the air
And brightness to the sun
The ground is watered
And is renewed
Though the storm be great
The earth receives his rain

Winter Front

A biting gale
Cuts through skin and bone
A low wail
That fills air and woods

Tree tops dance
Within that wind
As wave break white
Upon a nearby lake

The sun grows dim
As a wall of clouds
Black and gray
March across the sky above

A roll of darkness
That blocks out the horizon
Silent save for the howl
A single cloud that moves

Light vanishes
As the silent mass
Cuts covers the sky
From horizon to horizon

The wind now roars
As light fails
Leaves scatter through the sky
As night comes early

I stand below the
Heaven’s wrath
A smile upon my face
As I watch my King’s artwork


Heaven roars and sheds its tears
The earth trembles in her fury
Yet eagerly drinks her sorrows

The people hurry beneath the rain
The animals take shelter from the storm

Yet I stand quietly beneath that rain
Feeling the rain against face and skin
Hearing the thunder overhead
Feeling its rumble within my soul

I wonder at the power of heaven
I wonder at the strength of the storm

The storm is passing now
The thunder fades away
Yet its echo dwells within my soul

Setting Sail

The ocean breeze upon my face
The land where I dwelt fading fast behind
The harbor my home no longer

I turn my gaze ahead
And see the future on the horizon
Storms rising on the left

I know not what the horizon hides
I know not where the winds will take me
I know not what is in the ocean’s depths

Yet I will set loose my sails
Yes I will turn to the horizon
And see what is hiding beyond.

God in the Storm

dark storm clouds over campus

Thunder crackles
Lighting flashes

Wind howls
Rain falls

I stood beneath the roar
I stood in the falling water

Letting the wind batter my body
Letting the rain soak my clothes

With every crackle
And every drop

My soul becomes lighter
And my mind clearer

To see the rage of the lightning strike
To feel the gentle touch of the rain

To see the wrath of the storm
To feel the peace within

In it all I see the Lord
In the heart of the storm

In it all I understand the God of heavens
In the heart of the tempest

The Storm

The Storm

storm clouds
The last photo I was able to get before it got too dark.

The Storm
The Storm
It boils and churns
Lightning burns across the sky
Rain pelts the ground
Wind howls through the trees

I stand beneath
In awe and filled with joy
The sound of heaven
Fills me with happiness
Feeling so small
Yet so full of life

storm at dusk
Taken on my phone just before the storm kicked off.