The Distant Sun

red sun setting

The distant sun
Marks the end
Of another day
Such a fire in the sky
Such a quiet end to this day
The quiet end of day
Makes me wonder
Beneath the open sky
Upon an open field
I wonder where I’ll be
When I next see that distant light
What will have happen
While the sun travels across the sky
Who will I be when the sun sets once more
A single day change a life
A single moment to change an age
So I wonder once again
What will happen when I next see that distant sun


Red Fire

red/orange sunset

The sun sets
The sky burns
War machines rumble
And men march
The days of peace end
And war begins
This night

Some fight for blood
Some battle for honor
Others seek adventure

The day is ending
And battle is beginning
War has come
Some battle to defend
Some battle to conquer
Who is to tell
Only history will tell

The Glory of the West

landscape, gold clouds, blue sky

From age to age
From day to day
There have been some
Who stood and watched
The same setting sun
From ages past
From around the world
There have been a few
Who stood upon the hill and stone
And looked out across field and tree
With a silent vigil
Have they seen the same sight
A million eyes have seen the same fire
A thousand tongues have spoken of it
Yet each is alone in their thoughts
Yet each has watched that same sun
A thousand generations back
And a thousand more to come
All have seen and all have watched
That same setting sun

Changing Sky

The sky has always interested me. Some of my oldest photos are of the sky. Looking up at the stars or the clouds always reminded me of how small I am and how truly large the world is.

It is easy to lose sight how amazing this planet is. One thing I have noticed is how varied the same patch of sky can be from month to month, or even from day to day.

Below are several photos I have taken this year. Each photo is taken from the same area (a football training field and a track area). Although taken at different times, the photos are taken towards the evening.

orange and blue sunset with clear skies
Taken on January 4
Sunset with blue and purple clouds
Taken on March 8
yellow and deep blue sunset
Taken on April 14
Sunset with gold orange rolling clouds
Taken on April 17
sunset with gold and gray clouds
Taken on April 22
white sunset with blue and white puffy clouds
Taken on April 27
Large white cloud
Taken on June 9
Orange and blue sunset no clouds
Taken on June 11
Anvil-shaped white and blue cloud
Taken on June 27
Purple clouded sunset
Taken on June 30
slips of pink clouds
Taken on July 1
clear skies, gold sunset
Taken on July 12
white wispy clouds
Taken on July 16

The next time you get a chance, pick a place and just watch how the sky changes over the days and weeks and months. It’s fun and I like to think it is part of what makes life interesting.