Friday Thoughts: Becoming Great

Good morning! I hope your Friday will go well. This week, I have thought a lot about what makes a person “great” at something. What makes a basketball player talented or a gymnast a natural? What gives that person the “bend” for science or computer programming? Natural born gift? Or something that has to be worked on every day?

For me, it is both. Sometimes it is a natural bend. Most of the time it is practice and training that makes a skill natural for an individual.

As someone who thought that graphic design was out of my league, I find myself working as a designer. For a while, I knew what the answer was but I struggled with putting it into words. Then I came across a comic strip created by The Awkward Yeti (a fantastic artist and writer). Below is his comic:

Comic Strike from the Awkward Yeti
This comic was created by “The Awkward Yeti” All rights and usage belong to “The Awkward Yet”.
Please visit his website for more laughter:

As you can see, both “Heart” and “Gallbladder” started at the same point in time. A shapeless lump that looks like a yellow Ditto. But where Heart stared and wished that he was better, Gallbladder kept at it. He made some funny looking pieces and even found himself disappointed in the resulting work. But he kept practicing and researching by producing sculptures and looking things up.

The end result is Gallbladder has created a recognizable art piece.


And yes, some people are truly born with a natural gift. But that means nothing if one does not apply that skill every day. Refining it. Sharpening it.

It takes a desire to master the talent as well as investing hours of time. It takes determination to overcome obstacles and a willingness to try.

Whatever you want to do. Whatever your dream is. The only way to know if you can do it is to go for it.

P.S.: Special thanks to “The Awkward Yeti” for giving permission  to use his comic. Visit his website at

Have a great weekend, folks!


Being Smart

A few days ago I went to get a haircut because my hair resembled a bush which has gone wild and taking over my head.

So off I went to get it pruned and trimmed back.

While I was at the hair cut shop, I was talking to the hair stylist. She asked me if I was going to college and I said yes.

Then she replied “I’m not smart enough for college”.

And that, my friend, bothers me a great deal. This young woman who could get my hair to calm down and understands how hair act said she wasn’t smart. And it is not true. Each of us,in our own way, has intelligence and talents.

If you ask a physicist to help a graphic designer create a poster, the physicist would struggle and create some poor designs. Is the physicist dumb? No. The physicist has not been trained or have talent in that particular field.

Now reverse it. What if the graphic designer was asked to solve an equation to get a rocket to Mars? The designer would be lost in the first steps. Is the designer dumb? No. The designer just has a different set of skills.

So the next time you call someone dumb, think about it. And what you are saying to that person. Each of us has skills and talents that others do not.

And if you get called dumb– reject it.

Ignore it and remember your skills.

It is a struggle. For myself, it has taken almost a decade to realize that I have moved beyond the status of an amateur photography and I am well on my way to becoming a practician.