The Lies We Hear

Lies are strange
Lies are weird
They are sweet to hear
And wholesome to our ears
Yet they are poison to our soul
Poison to our lives
Yet we will drink them all
We accept without fail
All around we wade through
Hearing lie after lie
Yet we do nothing to challenge
We do nothing to find the truth
For we are told the truth is a lie
And we are fools for falling for a lie
While all the while
Their silver tongues
Whisper lies to our ears


Writer’s Canvas

A blank pag lies before the writer’s hands
His eyes flicker back and forth
Words are whispered from his mouth
A world unfolds in his mind

Of distant lands and great battles
Deadly villains and terrible lost
Victory won and triumphs gained
Friends’ death and darkness touch

Worlds unfold
And tales are wove
Yet only one story is told
By the writer’s hands