Winter Front

A biting gale
Cuts through skin and bone
A low wail
That fills air and woods

Tree tops dance
Within that wind
As wave break white
Upon a nearby lake

The sun grows dim
As a wall of clouds
Black and gray
March across the sky above

A roll of darkness
That blocks out the horizon
Silent save for the howl
A single cloud that moves

Light vanishes
As the silent mass
Cuts covers the sky
From horizon to horizon

The wind now roars
As light fails
Leaves scatter through the sky
As night comes early

I stand below the
Heaven’s wrath
A smile upon my face
As I watch my King’s artwork


Leaf On The Wind

A leaf slowly falls from the sky
It twirls and dances on the wind
No fear grips it
No thrill fills it
Just the flow of wind and time

Round and round it flies
The wind sending it along
Sometimes swiftly
Sometimes slowly
A strange dance of wind and leaf

Then the leaf falls away
Slowly sinking to the ground
A final twirl
Before it gently lands
A graceful bow to end a dance


Do you hear it?
Can you feel it?

The gentle whispers in the night
The gentle touch upon your face

Can you hear its secrets as it passes by?
Can you feel its guidance upon your face?

This is what brings back to life
This is what calms my soul again

That is what I hear
That is what I feel

The Wind to dry your tears
The Wind to still your fears

The Wind to breathe easier
The Wind to find peace again

Faerie’s Call

fairy_outlineCome little one

A voice quiet and melodious
Sings out from among the wind
The quiet rustle of the leaves
Draws my eyes and soul away.

Come away, come away with us

A whisper calls out
I glance about
A moment’s pause
A moment’s confusion

Come away with us

I close my eyes and listen to that voice
So small and sweet
The quiet touch of the wind upon my face
A longing grow snow

Come, come away with us

A moment later and I wonder
What is this voice I heard
What is this longing born
Was it a dream?

We Dance

We Dance

By Nathan Lundeen

June 21, 2014


We slip through the night

Youth in our blood

Fire in our hearts

Laughter on our lips

Our hands slowly touch

Our eyes slowly meet

A song is heard

The stars begin to burn

So we dance

You and I

We move through the night

Watching the stars wheel about

Our hearts are light

Our feet is alight

Down the valley

Up on the mountain

By the river

Near the woods

We dance

You and I

Through the night

Beneath the moon

Upon the grass

By the river’s edge

The wind is in our hair

A song is in our heart

A smile on our lips

The light of heaven in your eyes

We dance

You and I

The night grows old

The world grows tired

Our feet slows

Our hair grows pale

The moon slowly sinks

The stars slowly fade

The river is silent now

The wind grows still

Yet we still dance

You and I

The Wind and I

The Wind and I


The cold wind blows down the plains

Biting and freezing bare skin

The wind ruffles hair, long and short

Grasping at loosing clothing with cold fingers


Thick grey clouds hang low

Like a thick blanket held overhead

No sun to warm chilled skin

No birds singing

Just cold north wind


There I stood

Feeling the wind upon my face

Hearing the song of the wind

A thousand years I could stand

And listen to the wind