The Journey Begins

Thus the year begins
With the cold bite
And the dreariness of winter
The woods slumber in the cold
The clouds hang low
And birds and insects dwell further south
A slow start to a new year
But a new year none the less
Who can tell what the year may bring
Or how it may end
But with every journey, there is a start
And with every story a beginning


Winter Front

A biting gale
Cuts through skin and bone
A low wail
That fills air and woods

Tree tops dance
Within that wind
As wave break white
Upon a nearby lake

The sun grows dim
As a wall of clouds
Black and gray
March across the sky above

A roll of darkness
That blocks out the horizon
Silent save for the howl
A single cloud that moves

Light vanishes
As the silent mass
Cuts covers the sky
From horizon to horizon

The wind now roars
As light fails
Leaves scatter through the sky
As night comes early

I stand below the
Heaven’s wrath
A smile upon my face
As I watch my King’s artwork

Winter’s Tears

Winter cried
Winter weeped
For the people said
That they despised him
He is cold
His long
We cannot bear it any longer

Winter tried to be sweet
And tried to be short
Yet still the people complained
The road is covered in slush
And the children are cold
Why must we have Winter
Why can we not have Summer

So the people called out
To the Maker of all
Make it so that Winter is gone
Make it so that snow never comes
And the weather stays warm all year

Such was the clamoring
Such was the out cry
That Winter weeped and howled
Ice came in sheets
And snow fell by the yard

The people grew angry
And demand it be changed
So the Maker did as they asked
And forbade Winter to come again

With hurt and sorrow
Winter left, leaving a trail of ice and cold
The people rejoiced!
For Summer lasted longer
And the year was kinder

So the years went by
And the people sang
But little by little
Did things begin to change

Crops became weaker each year
And the trees began to whiter and die
Animals became deadlier
And killed more and more
As time went by

The people wondered
The people pondered
Why had the animals grown so terrible
Why were the trees dying
And the crops filling
Why had the river lost her depth

Should not the longer warmth
Be better for all
Surly they should rejoice and thrive
Yet the forrest decayed
And the rivers faded
The birds dwindled as they stayed
And the animals invaded new areas

Finally they asked the Maker
Why had their valley changed

With calm and patience
Did he explain

Winter gave the fields time to rest
Winter allowed the trees to sleep
And the animals their goodbyes

Winter took home those who were failing
And renewed the earth so she could sustain
The rivers ranked from the snow he gave
And the birds knew to leave at his breath

As Summer gives time for growth
And Spring time for birth
And Fall time for change
So does Winter give something in turn

Each season, though varied by place
Has a role to play

Summer grows but takes away from the soil
Spring births but demands tribute from land
Fall ends that whose story is closing
But Winter begins again all that is

So the people understood
That each season had a reason
Not all is good and to be welcomed
Nor it was to be a joy
But Winter was no less important
For the pain he brought

So the Maker called back Winter
And he came when he heard his name
His eyes grew most and his heart rent
At the suffering he saw
With his tears and his touch
Did snow, ice, and cold did come

Thus the land slept
And so the trees regained their strength
And the river regained her power
Though the people still complained
They understood at long last
The part he played

Bite of Winter

He comes with the wind
He swings his arms
And all things freeze

With his voice the air grows cold
With his touch the plants shiver
Thus his presence is felt

Creatures flee before his coming
Creatures sleep during his reign
Yet humans play and work

With ice and wind
With night and cold
He lashes at the world

Yet with the turn of the year
He retreats from his realm
He withdraws from the world

Now he waits for his turn again
To come forth once more
And cover the land with his presence

The Four Seasons

a single image of the four seasons


If you don’t want to hear my musings, stop here!

I wrote this poem as a reflection of how we grow in life and the different stages of life.

It always fascinates me how we age and grow. Each season comes and goes. Whether we learn from it or not is up to us. Speaking personally, I have learn more about myself in the past year than I thought possible.

Some of it I like.

Some of it I don’t.

But to change or learn should be because we want to improve ourselves– not to satisfy someone else’s desires or purpose or even expectations of us. It should be because we want to become a better person. To become more mature as an adult.

Either because we want to be ready for the One Person in our life. Or because we see that we hurt the ones around us.

It is a tough battle but one worth fighting.

Winter Wonderland? Not really.

snow covered cars
A quick shot of what it looks like right now

Wow—what a crazy two months it has been for me. I’ve slipped in my blogs but I am fighting to get back on schedule.

However, I did want to talk about patience.

Where I am at right now is getting a decent amount of snow and sleet. Which would be awesome because of snow days and what not BUT this is Texas. They don’t deal with this on a regular basis.

Anywho, I am on my way back from work and my car is icing. My defroster is up at full blast. After five minutes, it doesn’t appear to be working. I turn off my defroster and I try to drive anyway. I got about half a mile before I had to pull over.

It had frosted over and I couldn’t see out my front windows. My sides and back windows were perfectly clear.

I try the defroster again and this time I leave it up.

Ten minutes later my windows cleared up.

I had to chuckle to myself because I wanted to get home and go to bed. I didn’t want to wait for the defroster to do its job. I wanted the windows cleared in two minutes.

But the weather reminded me that life doesn’t go to my pace. There are times I have to wait and let things run it course. If I try to rush, it’ll just waste time and I have to wait anyway.

With my college life about to be done, this little lesson is going to come into play a lot more. I am thankful that I was reminded of it again.

— Poetria

P.S: one last note: at one point my defroster was clearing the frost but fogged up my window. To clear the fog I rolled down a window. Craziest driving conditions—ever!