Another Day

Another day
Another sunrise
Another time to work
Another time to get it done

Another day
Another sunrise
Another and another
One after another

It never seems to stop
It never seems to wane
Just one after another
Another after another

Another day
Another sunrise
Time to work
Time to strive

Another day
Another sunrise
A chance to make a change
A chance to live life

Another day
Another sunrise
Another step to take
To reach that goal in mind

That goal is a little closer
That goal is just in reach
One day after another
That goal is just a little closer

Another day
Another sunrise
Time to earn that pay
To make that living


Friday Thoughts: The Journey

It is once more that time of year. The part of the year where social media feeds are filled with one of three things: engagement announcements, baby announcements, university enrollment announcements.

And of course, each post has likes, hearts, and comments posting love and best wishes. We join in and comment.

Some of us see the news with a great smile. Others may see these announcements as painful reminders. We’re not where we want to be or with who we want to be.

But that’s okay.

We just need a little patience. In May 2016 I graduated from college. I had hopes that I would have a job after a month. Half a year later and I may have my one love in my life. A year after that I would be making a sizable dent in my school debt. That was my hope.

A year later I was still jobless, no love interest, and had not even started on paying back my loans.

It was only in April that I finally landed a job. Life is still not going the way I would like it to go but that is okay. But I remember something a Baby Boomer told me: Everyone has to pay their dues.

What does that mean?

It means each and everyone else has to go through a trial. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we applied for, we have paths we must travel. Whether we are the reporter stuck with boring stories or the medical student going through residency. The art student working as a graphic designer or the writer being denied. We must bear our burden and walk this path.

Tolkien did not sit down one day and write a generation-spanning novel. Einstien did not solve the mysteries of the math world overnight. We may see it as an instant success but it is not.

True greatness comes not from glory but from hard work.

As much as I wish that I could just skip the pain and reach the perfect happy place, this trial of fire can be beneficial.

We gain a better appreciation for our job, empathy for what others are going through, and perspective on our own circumstances.

And as tempting as it is to take a short cut it is not worth it. You will always be found out. No matter how long it takes, the truth will come out. The longer it takes to find out, the greater the fall will be.

So be patient. Be diligent. Learn what you can at each stage.


Here we are again!

Another Wednesday in a long line of Wednesday. It is an interesting part of the year– young adults are beginning their very first semester in college or high school. Others are entering their last college semester.  And then there are us who are trying to get into the first semester of a full time job. Or more popularly known as a big person job!

Although I am happy for my friends who are successfully getting through and landing their jobs, it is a struggle to keep my own spirits up. I cannot say “I am one of them. I have a job.” And that does weigh on me.

And yes, I heard it all. Your job is coming. Just wait. You’ll get there. Keep applying, something will turn up.

All of which is very helpful and true but sometimes it can be very hard to accept. There are moments I just want to curl up in bed and not move. But that will not help me forward or prepare me to get a job. Instead of sitting on my hindquarters, I am going to work.

I am going to use my time. From writing an original book to entering writing contests and creating personal videos, I am going to make myself productive.

Here to all of you starting new chapters in your lives: good luck. Stay the course and trust to your true friends and true family.

Good luck!

Night Owl Post

a cartoon design of a gray owl
A quick little art piece that I made for this post. I call him Alfie.

Wow! First week where I got a post in on time! Let the celebration commence with Doctor Pepper and cookies!

This week I have come to the realization that I do my best creative work late at night, around one o’clock in the morning. While a part of me is happy that I can once again write, design, and create other art forms, I wish it would be earlier than one in the morning!

I do try to get my work done earlier and be in bed before midnight but then I lose track of time and boom, it is two in the morning.

I do find it interesting though that many creative people I have met so far do a lot of their work late at night. From musicians to writers, their creativity clicks on at night.

Do you fall into this pattern?

My main reason why I am up so late at night is because I am working on some original stories! After having writer’s block for more than two years, I am just writing away. Which I will be doing tonight.

Here to all of us who work best late at night!

Life and Rainfall

Listening to the rainfall outside and watching the drops hit the ground makes me think about how life is… so fast. And I started thinking about where my life is heading.

We have such little time in this world. For eighteen years we are taught and we learn. Four to six years later and we have a degree or we have entered the business word. Then we spend the rest of our life working to provide for ourselves and/or a family. With bills, paying back loans, and fighting to stay afloat in the world’s economy and battle for rights.

But where does that leave us?


Does it leave us with a 9 to 5 and a happy family?

Does it leave us with the graveyard shift with nothing to show for?

As the rain falls, I ask myself what I want to do with my life, do I want to sit in the stream and let the river of life take me wherever?

I used to think that was fine and better. I like my comfort zone. I like being safe and knowing what to expect.

But I am growing tired of that.

I want more in life. I want to be more in life.

I want to find my wings and fly.

Yeah, it is a scary thought. But hey, you only live once. And I am not talking about taking risks to get an adrenaline rush or a thrill.

I want a real adventure where I get a life lesson and leave the world a better place than when I entered it.